1. It's actually illegal to have bedrooms with no windows.

  2. What in this post has led you to believe that he may be avoiding tax. Certainly nothing I have read. So what make this comment and suggest she causes the landlord grief without any basis. Really?

  3. Did you top a lot before him? If so why do you think that changed?

  4. I was only ever a top Becoming a button is what I wanted to do to satisfy my vers partner

  5. Did you open the relationship because he was hornier more than you and needed to be satisfied? Or Vice versa?🤔

  6. No similar experience but you are on this earth once only it’s not a dress rehearsal for some next time.

  7. I’d feel exceptionally flattered but of course I’m gay. Not sure how I’d feel if I was straight but would like to believe my reaction would be the same

  8. If a young guy approaches an old fart, it's just seen as being friendly.

  9. Generally: 25-35, handsome, prefer smooth, love taller, not a lover of beards or moustaches but love designer stubble. I’m very much into hair as I love running my fingers through peoples hair. Ginger/redheads are a hook for my attention. Personality and ability to hold meaningful conversation is VERY important - I’m somewhat sapiosexual. Love a great smile.

  10. Not sure what advice you are seeking. Only you can deal with your emotions your lust your feelings. It’s too hard for us to imagine hope you feel.

  11. Simply ask of her like to get a drink or coffee and see where it leads. No full on approach

  12. Younger approaching older are thought of as gold digging whores. Is that better?

  13. “Right of gold digging whores by whom”. That is absurd. Yes if people ask for money or as they sometimes do “are you rich” of course.

  14. It is not absurd. You just have zero empathy that doesn't allow you to put yourself into the other person's situation. In my 20s I was open about my attraction to older men, and I got called a gold digger several times by people who knew absolutely nothing about me. There were some awkard situations as well when I started talking to older men IRL (because I'm brave enough to do that you know) and they were looking at me so weirdly JUST FOR GETTING INTO A TALK, and couldn't handle the thought of being approached by me and were looking at me with SUSPICION, you know it was very humiliating, even though some of them admitted they just couldn't believe I could be interested in them because I was very attractive in my 20s. Oh and I was doing it in a country which is homophobic (Hungary) and even though I'm a tall and strong person, there would still be a chance someone attacks me for hitting on them.

  15. I’m happily partnered and have been for nine years. I have two children and five grandchildren. Lonely? I don’t think so.

  16. Smoking | Bad Breath | Bad Hygiene | Being Pushy | Being Needy | Not Being Responsive to Chats | Expecting Me To Imitate ALL Conversation | Lack of Ambition | Negativity | Being Overly Cynical

  17. Not in the foreseeable future. Development has been slow down due to incredible increases in building costs. There are immigrants now being allowed into Australia. There are students now being allowed into Australia. Everything in the market suggested high demand and low supply.

  18. I would tell him that you recognise that the problem is with you but that notwithstanding it’s making you feel uncomfortable and he needs to recognise and deal with this.

  19. You answered your own question. Live in the moment. Twenty years is a long time. You could be hit by a bus tomorrow who knows what life has in store for any of us.

  20. My take is that most younger people who are interested in older couldn’t imagine having sex with same age guys who they usually find immature etc. there is a very small group of guys who are prepared to have sex with younger or older it doesn’t figure in their calculations. My advice. Do what makes you happy and go with the flow.

  21. Southern Cross Veterinary on Cleveland Street

  22. I felt the same way when I met my partner then 26/60 and I told him and promised myself that I would not let him become my carer. I will 100% stick to that

  23. Be careful what you wish for. Relationships are unbelievably challenging. On paper seems like a heavenly goal but in practice there is so much to do to make them work.

  24. And forget - I do agree with comments below that I would be questioning my relationship with somebody who is so insensitive to my situation.

  25. Why is he making the bookings and deciding where you stay? If it's a joint holiday and you're each expected to pay half, then you should each have a say in what you spend your money on. It's very unfair of him to decide where you're staying, without your input - even if he is being patronising enough to lower his standards and stay in "mid class" accommodation.

  26. In fairness I enjoy doing the booking whereas my partner does not and he would much prefer that I did it.

  27. https://www.elle.com.au/culture/american-diners-sydney-19234

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