1. For clarification I don’t support racism. I’m just showing evidence of AA showing that racial division is only one sided and that it’s only Hispanics. Isn’t this right

  2. Haha where’s NELA and the rest of the racial social Justice warriors seems they only ready to hop in the comments when it’s one way

  3. Someone will be here saying “ well F13 are known racist if they can be racist why can’t we” or some bullshit mental gymnastics.


  5. Sound like a ghetto batman. Talking about he does shootings at night and homeruns in the day...

  6. The video is right there the black kid falls before he lands a punch and then gets whooped. Seconds later other mexican jump in and the other black does too. Red shorts sucker punched once at the black guy at the end. Videos all there 😂😂😂

  7. You need your vision checked, the black dude slipped when he threw the first punch, re gathered himself and started mixing bro. Then the other 2 Mexicans jumped in. And the other black guy didn’t fully jump in, he fell back and was trying to separate. Not going back and forth with biased people.

  8. Ironic calling me biased when most if not all your comments is degrading anything that isn’t black. Feeling real tough on a reddit forum about gang banging huh.

  9. Your disgusting for telling us the @ i shoulda stayed my ass on reddit. Career fs gone

  10. That weak punch to the camera 😂😂😂. He ain’t even take it out


  12. The one on beach is actually just pobres hood. The blade is mostly on Beach and ball, any farther and it’s adventure city and any closer it’s the anaheim police station

  13. Lmao the hate on this man is soo unnecessary 😂 yg did his shit and contributed to adding a classic mixtape. album, a debatable one to west coast history… IMO

  14. Drakeo riders are up there with youngboy and nicki fans. Niggas will not tolerate shit about anything that drakeo aint fuck with 😂😂

  15. This is the most she’s going to do in order to reverse it tho

  16. No jumper sub reddit crucify him about how he’s a fake crip and fake smokes

  17. Lol good find internet detective. This is from "The Marathon". Keys to the city was on that tape too. You should Listen to it lmao or "Succa proof" on victory lap.

  18. The marathon personally is top 3 album next to bullets aint got no names vol 2 and victory lap. Fav from The marathon gotta be blue laces, keys 2 city and I don’t give a F 🔥🔥

  19. One thing me and you agree on is that Adam 22 is a fat pussy alongside his mods

  20. This video is gold 😂😂😂 pobrecito tho

  21. Vaping don’t kill a mf💀 Why in the fuck you tryna compare this to heroin just stop lmfaoo

  22. U still did not explain to me the harm being done?

  23. Im not an addict im not going to be affected by this prop. I do get them from third parties.It’s their choice tell me this, Are you going to ban all guns too? Ban abortion? Ban all fruity flavored alcohol? You care so much when it’s their choice . So to answer your question the harm is that if you care about flavors so much maybe just banned tobacco as a whole so “kids will never be hooked up to it”

  24. It was supposed to be gus. I just made a typo. Can see why everyone is confused though I hardly make sense.

  25. I know. What I really meant...are you talking about the gun pointing at Walt or the plant?

  26. The scene where Walt spins the gun on the table and it points at him twice

  27. Chad, the kid makinf fun of walt washing his car

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