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  1. I literally just laughed at that for at least 3 minutes. Im crying and gasping for air. Holy shit

  2. This is bad news. Now there will be more competition for good restaurant orders from the dashers who take these.

  3. This is a legitimate concern but i still doubt it will matter.

  4. Obligatory comment about how your comment is based.

  5. I think it would be obligatory if we were all watching an episode of the oblongs

  6. So glad i dont know anything about this dude lol

  7. Good lord if this is real he earned that shit

  8. I had ants in my freshman dorm and the school wouldnt do anything. One day I poured a bowl of cereal and it was full of ants so I went on a crusade against the ants in my building and eradicated them on all 7 floors using various ant poisons

  9. I will eat my cats food if we lose to iowa this year.

  10. I guess im privileged they're all over in Nebraska lol

  11. cruel fate has delivered upon me Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot Cheetos flavor at my store instead, which is a crime against humanity lmao

  12. There’s been some up to $98. I just don’t want to deal with project dash. It’s always a cluster fuck. A couple contract violations just waiting to be had.

  13. They arent doordash customers. Project dash is literally charity. Its like when a pizza place assigns the delivery to doordash, the customers cant review or rate you. But if you dont like it thats fine, i would take that shit all day, project dash orders are easy as fuck for me.

  14. I wouldn't have known it was a thing but my niece worked at one lol

  15. Yess, piss jugs are weird. Any amount of time spent with a bottle of your own piss in the same vicinity as you without it being disposed is weird. Even in an emergency, like being stuck in traffic and holding it for at least an hour, once you have pissed a bottle, the fact that your indisposed piss is next to you should bother you.

  16. Yeah but i dont feel weird. Its this one very specific scenario where im potentially forgoing a chance at thousands of dollars because I didnt want to look weird. Plus its not like you're letting it woft around, theres a cap see? So i think its A ok. 👌

  17. You make some good points, piss away my dear sir

  18. I also forgot to mention that in my household popsicle anus is a rite of passage. Did you also grow up in the Midwest?

  19. Nobody says fire anymore, the new word is Yolk.

  20. Op your baby is going to have a great father.

  21. With uber its scary but yeah. Even at 75 minutes its still about normal money in an air conditioned environment. Obviously try to shoot for 45 minutes and ask an employee for every single item you cant find immediately

  22. I just raise 6x pre or more if im gonna get 4 callers from standard opens. Guys try to laugh at me but i always get one person to call. Then i always point out how the entire table sees the flap when the raise is 3x.

  23. Wow thanks for letting me know to block your worthless ass

  24. Probably, but there could be a reason someone is paying $110 for someone to do their shopping. I got a fridge delivered for less than that.

  25. The reason is because they're lazy. It apparently was a ton of wine bottles.

  26. Well they're lazy, rich(ish), and as a former liquor store employee, 200 bottles of wine from Walmart sounds like they are really busy preparing for a wedding. 200 bottles of truly foul moscato so sweet it will put you into a diabetic coma before destroying your liver will be at least a grand, probably two. $110 doesn't sound unreasonable as a percent of the purchase.

  27. Yeah but it was an 85$ tip dd cheapes out paying 35$ plus there was an upcharge on each item lol

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