1. I realize now that my only relationship with Sabrina The Teenage Witch is the animated series, which I remember watching lots of episodes of, but I googled it, and realized that there's only one season. Weird

  2. Also, I watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer for the first time a couple years ago, and it was surprisingly good, does the same hold true for Sabrina?

  3. Fashion costs money, and the government usually has money from oppressing people, therefore they have money for fashion

  4. This person needs to stop being around dumb people that refuse to understand things

  5. there's a joke to be made about plato and broads but unfortunately I am not a cartoon-construction-worker-turned-claasicist, so the exact wording escapes me

  6. Call Plato Ampicillin the way he's broad, on the spectrum, and anti biotics.

  7. I'm angry that I don't have the confidence to do that. I wear nail-polish, but that's barely GNC nowadays

  8. No, I only eat it when baked into Brownies, or use THC-oil to spice up my cooking.

  9. That's okay, I'll hit you up if my gender and habits change

  10. "Fuck you and I'll see you tonight! I'm making dinner and it's going to be delicious"

  11. "Fuck you, and what do you want for dinner?!"

  12. Okay, so I'm trynna look at this logically. Bruce Wayne owns the bank, and just tell the board, we're gonna give a credit card to Batman. It's good advertisement being the bank of a beloved superhero. They agree because Bruce owns the bank, and they can't really say no. But when Batman uses money, can't they just follow the money to see that Bruce is paying for him?

  13. Really puts "KILL HIM, KILL HIM NOW!" into a new light

  14. I wonder how things would have gone if Rand actually listened to Lews and did what he was told.

  15. Now... I don't know how colonoscopies are usually done, but I don't think they're done like that

  16. The villain was passed over by the now king for the sparkling eyed sword guy as his number 2 despite being a powerful and skilled mage.

  17. House is more about just making an American Sherlock Holmes. Afaik, the medical stuff is secondary to that.

  18. It's a medical mystery drama, which in theory shouldn't be interesting to most people for the simple reason that very few people have enough medical knowledge to guess which disease the patient is suffering from, and anyone that does probably knows too much to enjoy it for the simple reason that it's wildly inaccurate.

  19. Have you not seen the post about a difference between good shows and shows you like, and bad shows and shows you dislike?

  20. No, you’re thinking of San Jose. Sanremo is a Caribbean religion composed of elements from both traditional African religion and Roman Catholicism.

  21. No, you're thinking of Santería. Sanremo is one of the three earliest ancient documented languages that arose from a common root language now referred to as Proto-Indo-European Language.

  22. Mention that Kazakhstan is the biggest landlocked country, and you'll be golden

  23. Just rotate your Bishop 45° and it's checkmate

  24. If sound could travel through space, we would be hearing the sun at 120 decibel at all times.

  25. I love etymology. Just being able to Google words and check out their origin to see if I guessed right in terms of it being related to similar words

  26. If the issue is IP and Disney being famously litigious, you could make them evil wizards or assassins or something in a generic fantasy setting. Maybe like a guild, and the main plot is trying to achieve the guild's ends

  27. Yeah, that's probably why I thought about Middle Earth: SOW. Just do evil and treacherous swordmages that have no qualms about killing their way to the top. But I genuinely don't know whether it would work better as a long-form roguelike where the story isn't a priority, just that you get new missions that you need to complete or if it's better with a story based game where your character doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but you'll find your way to the end of the story no matter what.

  28. I wonder if there is a limit for how long you can volunteer for something like this, with all the death and that.

  29. I assume that you can opt out whenever, and likely get free therapy sessions, and if someone seems a bit too eager to do it, they'll make sure they're not getting off on death.

  30. Thank god, she's a girl, or else this would be really gay

  31. Cue! You live again! I missed seeing you around.

  32. I hope we get the true full Draco, Vish, Arcto, and Zolt one day. Like you get the pre-evolutions and you can either evolve them into what they used to be, or into the abominations.

  33. Give us fully modular abominations, GameFreak, I want all 16 combinations

  34. They were like "We heard you like pokemon fusion, here it is, just bad"

  35. I have been here for years, I still don't get the joke

  36. I hope they just meant that a horse freaked out if it stepped on the tracks of wolves, although I'm not quite sure I believe that they'd do that, but at least it makes more sense.

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