1. Murder requires intent, this was negligence and idiocy by the prop team.

  2. Hired by and kept employed despite multiple incidents of “cold guns” being hot on set by this producer. So negligence all around?

  3. So because he failed to perform his duties as an on set producer with eyes on all processes, he should get a pass and we should shift all blame to the below the line workers?

  4. Yes, yes, yes, make it happen… we need to make this happen.

  5. But I just met her in the hallway and then added her to my party, didnt even have sex

  6. Nah, his girl was sleeping around and he just threw a ring on her

  7. Don’t come on this sub acting like you’ve never had your hand stuck in a pickle jar

  8. Quite a few loans, iirc he failed multiple time before starting J C Penney’s

  9. And the price of everything would sky rocket. Just stating the reaction to the action before y’all down vote me.

  10. Man… to base your beliefs on a comedian from the 80’s… smh

  11. Yeah, a comedian...and the fact that trickle down economics has been a complete failure wherever tried. It just leads to wiping out the middle class, and growing poverty levels...ex: see America.

  12. You realize that trickle down economics is the joke right?

  13. What's the goal of the syringe-exchange programs? I always thought that it was to reduce HIV rates which in turn led to harm reduction in the community. Reducing opioid-related mortality is a different issue that requires a different solution.

  14. Honestly, live the vigilante life. Hearsay and legends among the wicked unknown during the day time.

  15. Has there been a character in comics who got great power and just said fuck it and went to the bar?

  16. Rumor has it that they found out Steve voice actor could scream in his voice so for a while he did it a lot. It was starting to ruin his vocals so they calmed it down a bit

  17. Maybe it’s corruption, maybe it’s max donating to democrat congressmen…

  18. I almost expected a yawn from them

  19. I was hoping one was going to somehow magically drink tea…

  20. There’s a calcuated risk to releasing Mon…geese? Mongooses?

  21. I thought he was just really proud of his business and wants everyone to know

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