1. Got a Klutch Icecream cake 3.2g live badder for 160$... Definitely a score

  2. 🤣🤣 I filed in February and still haven't seen any movement.. I wouldn't trust them.

  3. How does the hot knife work ? Like is it worth it or should I use the money to get a proxy? And 3.36 of the hash rosin ?

  4. Its amazing. and it doesn't leave my dab tools sticky n messy. It's definitely worth it to me, but so is the proxy. I love them both I carry my proxy with me in my bag and keep my puffco at home

  5. Dangggggg I filed mine in February so hopefully I see mine soon. I just figured I'd be getting both returns the same time next year 🤣

  6. Get em! Lol Hash Rosin is the only thing that touches this 3D Atomizer! You just can't beat the full plant/terp experience until you've tried some good Rosins

  7. Distillate isn’t low quality by nature. It’s garbage in, garbage out. Any method of extraction can turn out bad if you have bad starting material.

  8. Have you ever had a Hash rosin? I guarantee you'll change your mind!

  9. Nice yeild. I'd do another heptaine wash and get rid of some of those fats still. You can further clean your yeild

  10. I mean kratom definitely dulls down the effects for sure. I've got some hits that are the best I've ever had and when I wasn't taking kratom 1 was border line too much. Now I'd have to take like 5 for the same effects. I have osteoarthritis in both knees so kratom helps that allot. I definitely miss the magic from my psychedelics though 😕

  11. Looks good to me, have you broken it all up and let it colonize yet?

  12. Next flush increase FAE and humidity, those boys in the background are aborting because they’re unhappy

  13. I fan 3 times a day and mist when necessary. So far those haven't been aborts, just dark colored caps that get lighter when they stretch and get bigger. This Manure substrate has been pumping out chunkers for sure

  14. Did you get the manure like they have at lowes? In the yellow bag with a cow on it?

  15. It's actually an exotic Manure, it's mixed with camel and elephant dung.

  16. Excellent work my friend 👍 mush love and happy harvests 🤍

  17. Whats with rhe (what appears to me as) rotting caps? Is that juat the how this strain grows?

  18. It's bruising from.misting the side of my tub. They are very touchy. Some may turn to aborts, but that's Normal and the caps of these are super dark before they grow and stretch. I'll post an update in a few days

  19. Frontline soldiers, the reinforcements are coming! Call in the damn Calvary lol

  20. 🤣 for sure. This is the same genetics I used on rye grain too only thing different from my last ones where the substrate. So I'm thinking this is the way to go

  21. I know those smiles! Those are radiant soul glow kinda smiles

  22. Throw a small piece of potato peel in the bag, it will bring it back to life over night

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