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  1. LOL talk about a hail Mary attempt at a recovery comment. Bold of you to assume the rest of us would be in on 'the joke.'

  2. Clearly you don't understand how the condition works. It's not about a group of people that 'spaz out over action sequences every 5 seconds/require constant Michael bay level entertainment 24/7'-- condition or not, some of us also suffer from overstimulation as a result of too much of a good thing. Next time maybe try to understand the demographic you're referencing before spouting stereotypical jabberjaw jargon regarding elements you know little or nothing about. Next time maybe stick to more vague terms.

  3. Try both -- can't hurt. Usually wears me out enough to give into sleep in spite of my wild imagination.

  4. Been selling that stuff for a few decades now. Drinking it will make you successful, wealthy, & better looking. It will cure Cancer, AIDS, & Herpes. It will make your children behave, your wife will lose 40lbs, & your dick will grow 2 inches.

  5. "Here let me heal your foot by making it grow 3 more feet-- any longer and I'll be Pinocchio!"

  6. I really get a kick out of watching stuff like this. Or the “send $1000 and be blessed. God is calling you out on faith to give”. I just watch them and it makes me go… Damn.

  7. Tell me about it. I don't know how people like Joel Osteen can still stay in business when all their money is going to maintain their yachts and mansions-- the amount of followers is quite frankly obscene.

  8. Literally just read a TV show article from a site called Dorkside-- I don't know if there's any relation to the business but either way the site didn't seem worth supporting.

  9. Thanks for sharing! You're definitely giving me things to chew on. Im trying to view the pmo struggle as Paul speaks of when likening it to running a marathon, step by step; day by day.

  10. He was originally the owner of a toy company called toybiz in the 90s, but when Marvel went bankrupt toybiz actually owned them for a while. This led to him getting a lot of power and creative control over dozens of Marvel projects from the 90s to today, specifically Spider-Man stuff. The problem with this is that he isn't a creative person and he only cares about making money. Pretty much every bad choice in any Spider-Man movie is at least partially his fault.

  11. This is all very interesting, thanks for sharing. Avi is basically the equivalent of what Jon Peters was to Batman and Superman: wanting to put a giant spider in the canceled Superman lives movie just cuz. I believe he was a hairdresser if that says anything about his character lol.

  12. So true. I guess I'm more intrigued by his level of commitment and passion towards a very minor and underdeveloped character. The way the actor expresses his continued interest reminds me of how Ahmed Best usually reacts to DJJ stuff in interviews and when dropping hints to the fans. Serkis' excitement and cautious wording leaves a lot to the imagination, so it's fun to try and decipher what's behind it all :) I remember seeing him in another interview (when asked what he thought of the sequel trilogy) air frustrations over Disney's management / killing off characters with great potential (again referencing snoke).

  13. In some way, each ending in the Blumhouse trilogy can act as a standalone ending.

  14. I'm still waiting for them to release the ending where Michael fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming a chef.

  15. Same boat here. I'm trying to pray more often and specifically talk to God as I would to a friend in person face to face, being more honest with my thoughts. Something else to consider: The consistency of sin detracts from our fellowship with Christ but regular and earnest prayer tends to encourage peace and rest.

  16. Dang. I sometimes forget how dark DC used to be back then. Kind of makes you cheer for Raven when her dark side completely overpowers/emasculates him and when they make him the butt of every joke in the cartoon series.

  17. I can believe this. I'd much rather live next to her than him.

  18. Same. I'd honestly love having dinner with her family... Bet Judy could make a mean casserole 🤣

  19. Start again in the word, but this time don’t just read the word to defeat porn. Read it to now God better, when you focus on the sun you always lose, but if you focus on God he will take care of everything.

  20. Amen, great insight! Reminds me of that song "If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed." 🙂

  21. Looks more realistic than she did in the show

  22. stop acting like a child and get on with your life. If you can't accept other opinions, then it's time to let it go.

  23. Congratulations! you have just won a lifetime supply of-- you guessed it-- suspenders!

  24. I'm honestly surprised the kid didn't tackle the camera guy or hit him with the sign.

  25. I think this is the right track. I really think this is the only way: stay busy, occupy your time with something else, hopefully something glorifying God obviously, like church activities or ministries. At least for me and probably most of the people on this forum. We need to change our habits. If you look at my post history, “being more Christian, praying more, reading Bible more” isn’t working for me. Any time I have to be able to PMO is spare time that I should be busy somewhere else glorifying God.

  26. You bring up an excellent point about how sin seems inescapable. I fear the day is fast approaching when we will be forced to give up mobile tech altogether or most technology just just to limit the spectrum. Personally, I'm praying that more groups will come up with smarter technology to counteract the darkness online. I'm not saying go full on Amish by rejecting all tech but at the same time something leaning more towards that direction may one day be our only resort.

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