1. I just wish the dialogue quality in Engage wasn't so wildly inconsistent. There are lines like these that have such impact, and feel like Fire Emblem, but most of the time, it feels like I'm playing a Pokemon game, especially when Alear opens his mouth.

  2. What. Alear is such a good protagonist.

  3. I can't stand Alear. Every line of dialogue from him sounds like it's from an 10-year-old, and he has the worst case of Cutscene Incompetence I've seen in a long time. He's great as a combat unit, but is a useless idiot during cutscenes and dialogue.

  4. Huh, didn't know I was making a road trip to Illinois this weekend

  5. Where are you located? Ski is all over central KY. SKI Cherry and zero etc.

  6. Central Ohio. We go down to Jungle Jim's occasionally, but they haven't had any the last couple of times we've been there

  7. Why are people angry at Japan?!?!😡😢😡😢 There is clearly a market for prepubescence merchantussy and they want waifus too /s

  8. I guess maybe compared to truly national chains, since Sheetz is still largely regional, although I wouldn't call it small, myself

  9. Yup, cheaper and in larger sizes than Taco Bell. Still have no idea how Sheetz ended up with it

  10. Got it- I'll keep saving orbs and keep an eye out for vital astra to snag at some point! Thanks for the advice!

  11. If you're going to go Vital Astra, which is a great option, then Time's Pulse 4 would be a great C skill to keep it charged and provide him a second source of DR, which would increase his utility

  12. I actually haven't heard of this title, but then again, I am newer to the hobby. Is it good?

  13. Yes, it's a cooperative game (although there's a traitor mechanic if you choose to use it), and accommodates up to seven players, I believe. Heavily recommend

  14. When I worked in a kitchen, I kept IKEA lingonberry juice boxes in our walk-in for my shifts

  15. IKEA actually has a number of food and drink in their own brand. Lingonberry juice is a lot like cranberry juice, but a little more sweet and a little less tart, which I think is perfect. They also have canned sparkling apple and pear ciders (or at least they used to; I haven't checked in a while)

  16. The flavor is grape, but apparently 'grape' on the flavor label doesn't sell, so they changed it to "dark citrus punch"

  17. I sent Louie to solo that side, he was fine. Just can't catch up with the thief. If the exp doesn't matter though, Celinica go boom

  18. "noooooooo you can't just teleport and nuke me from the other side of the map"

  19. No can do, I exclusively choose absolutely jacked strawberries

  20. Yeah I just don't fucking understand. It's so easy to make each character old enough to be a soldier and acceptable romance option, but they just utterly refuse to do it. No more "different culture," no more "she's actually over 1000 years old," and no more "technically an adult."

  21. That horse must have not touched a female horse in years to react so hysterically

  22. I like the fact that, while they're vibing, they're all still being completely quiet for the music

  23. Basically every credit union in the US is part of the Co-Op ATM Network ("The Co-Op Network") which has fee-free ATMs in almost every 7-Eleven location in the US. Costco too apparently according to the Wikipedia article.

  24. They've definitely gotten more convenient, but not every credit union does shared banking; it's usually just some other local CUs, which is nice, but has limits, especially when travelling.

  25. 1,800 might sound like a lot, but there's over 4,800 CUs in the US, which means most don't participate in that. I'm not saying CUs are necessarily the inferior option, just that they have disadvantages to go along with their advantages.

  26. Pepsi sold off Yum Brands years ago but they still have an agreement to always have Pepsi products. Must not be for international though.

  27. Isn't Taco Bell owned by Pepsi (or Pepsi's parent company)?

  28. Anyone try this? First time I've found this.

  29. Yeah, it's been around for a couple of years now, DG exclusive. Pretty straightforward pineapple flavor. I wouldn't turn it down, but it's not a flavor that I'd really ever buy, let alone go out of my way for.

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