1. The games I've been to this season they actually did search my bag pretty thoroughly. I remember in the past they open it up, poke my blanket in there a bit and call it good without even hardly looking inside.

  2. So, I can bring a backpack with normal shit like a Patagonia sweater and sunscreen and shit. Not like Levi stadium where you need a small clear backpack? I was thinking about visiting my nephew afterwards and would possibly be carrying toiletries and a change of clothing. Is that too much?

  3. For more properly solar-powered ebikes, check out what's came out of the SunTrip challenge. These bikes were made for long-distance travelling.

  4. That looks pretty awesome. I'm notice there is one that comes through my town in California. Gotta start building one.

  5. No, that's obnoxious as fuck and I would not want to set that as a fucking precedent.

  6. Is it actually capable of freeway speeds?

  7. Almost looks like a Mustang! Crazy! Super sharp car though!!! I love the bare metal look!

  8. This thing doesn't really run, does it? There doesn't appear to be an actual drive train on it or functional motor. Maybe more of a sculpture than a motorcylce? I dunno, it would be pretty awesome if it move under it's own power.

  9. Entirely his own fault. Stupd fuck inhaling his own farts. He could have had a legacy of being a strong leader, but he will be known as the pariah who led the Balkanization of Russia. Gonna be hilarious when his palace bunker gets HiMARd.

  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/adult-sized-pedal-car-proves-youre-never-too-old-152117661.html

  11. HIP 65426 is 385 light years away and only 15 million years old in case anyone was wondering.

  12. Ironically since Ukraine is following western rules, Russian soldiers who surrender are going to be treated better than if they flee back to Russia.

  13. Some Russian POW commented that he was fed the same as his Ukrainian captors which was way better than starving to death on inadequate USSR and Chinese MREs.

  14. They're leasing them. If you can't afford a mortgage, you may as well spend it on a car.

  15. It sounds a bit as if he fears this actually happening and tries to preempt it by telling the Russians they'd be falling for a NATO conspiracy. Which would be pretty interesting.

  16. It wasn't happening before the invasion, but once the Russian economy collapses, there will be a pretty good chance of Balkanization of Russia's eastern ethnic regions.

  17. Yeah don't stand in the train station in Encinitas when the Coastliner goes by. Frightening as hell.

  18. That's not even a vey fast train. I know what you mean though, just standing at a CalTrain station when the Baby Bullet goes by is pretty overwhelming even though It's only doing 79mph.

  19. Don't get much sun on your pubes. I'd say she's a natural blonde.

  20. Covid changed the way I taste and smell onion and garlic. The change was terrible at first because I love onion and garlic... but I've since learned to be ok with the new flavor. But any food that has garlic or onion will never taste the same for me. Kinda sad, but shit happens.

  21. That's awful. I've had COVID but after I was twice vaccinated and boosted. It was like having a cold and no lost of sense of smell. Thank god because that would be devastating. I feel bad for you.

  22. I come from lines of work and circles of people that would skew my perception but I thought it was common knowledge.

  23. People at Reddit use initialisms way to often. I try to only use the obvious ones but define them at first use if not and then use the abbreviation thereafter, which is the common courtesy for journalism. Reddit is obviously not journalism, but Machine Learning is not what I would concern a common initialism, as I, even as an electrical engineer, did not know what it meant.

  24. I also come from a similar educational background and genuinely think the initialism is commonly understood. I am honestly surprised that you did not know as an ee but our demographics may just be very different. I agree though it does not hurt to clear up ambiguities like that. Was just providing a perspective on the initialism’s common knowledge.

  25. I'm an old fart and machine learning is entirely outside of my area of expertise. Admittedly, I've been retired forever. /I'm still willing to bet less than 10% of people in this thread knew what ML meant in that the thread concerns a rather generic "Who is a modern day Einstein?". It's a pet peeve of mine when people could be much clearer. I think there is a tendency in Reddit to take pride in obscure references because 95% of the cultural references made here I have no idea what people are talking about. Reddit is probably the worst message board I've ever encountered in this regard.

  26. What is it then? All I get is a banned/private content warning when I click on that link

  27. God damn, this dude managed to one-up all the Reddit assholes in stupid initialisms.

  28. Definitely didn't attend for that, just were trying to be concise as possible. But after the fact and reading people's comments it seems obvious... Sorry folks, this is on us.

  29. Is that taking into account, China recently saying they are going to partner with Russia to create a new world order?

  30. After Russia's performance in this war, I don't see China partnering with Russia, just taking economic advantage of them like the third world shithole they are.

  31. It shouldnt really matter since Russia has the “best” anti air systems in the world !! Impenetrable so they say:)) Its the end of russia as a military power as an economy power and the whole world is watching🤌

  32. It's unfortunate that Russia is war criming like a mother fucker. Ukraine would be perfectly justified in tit for tat blowing up civilian infrastructure like dams and power plants within Russia like Russia is doing in Ukraine. I hope he gets Gaddafied by Russians like the ignominious coward he is.

  33. If the drug was alcohol probably. But moose hunting season is not a "hold my beer" kind of thing. They only sell a couple hundred licenses. If you use bow you get about 85 days. If you use a rifle you are limited to about 30. Once about 30 bull or cows are killed and tagged it's over. A license starts at $100.

  34. I assume if you are bow hunting you're not allowed to use a gun as a backup in case you get attacked, right?

  35. DOJ has real lawyers who have looked over this with a fine toothed comb. Trump has idiot hobo lawyers. Thee DOJ has backup plans regardless of what that Trump judge says. We can't have people stealing super critical top secret documents with nuclear secrets and exposure of spies. If the DOJ does not follow through on this, we are no longer a democracy.

  36. I’ve done that drive probably a hundred times. As long as you time it to not hit rush hour in San Diego/Riverside co it’s doable. That said, staying in Vegas is a solid option for a mid point.

  37. You can get a cheap hotel in Vegas. I recommend this. socal to Vegas to SLC is the way I go.

  38. I assume the NY Times is paywalled, but there is solid evidence of Trump taking documents to Bedminster. I assume there will be more searches of Trump's other residences.

  39. What kind of archivist does not have a system for keeping track of documents?

  40. They never had to worry about it until now. I assume they will have increased stringency in their record keeping in the future.

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