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  1. The list excludes a lot of games you mentioned for one reason - no one recommended them. Congratulations on being the first. I know Omega itself had an impact so I'll throw it next to POWDER. However, was Incursion that influential? The others you mentioned don't seem to have impacted things much at all.

  2. Sil is very distinct from Angband in a slew of ways. More distinct than ADOM and Nethack, I would say. I think Moria is different enough too to get its own entry (though whether it's notable enough in the modern age is another matter).

  3. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ReedRichardsIsUseless

  4. This is one of the areas where Watchmen confronted the usual comic book trope, by having one of its "heroes" "cure" the problem of the Cold War and destructive geopolitics.

  5. I'm surprised you call the death "hilarious" and "satisfying". He suffered a barbaric death in the end, horribly butchered in a cruel way. The Narns turn into a pack of animals as they enact their justice, and G'Kar stands to the side, not participating but not objecting. G'Kar goes on to become a far more noble figure, who talks against vengeance and believes in unity and togetherness between species. This scene stands out as in dark contrast to the person he is journeying to become.

  6. Post removed as being highly offensive and inappropriate.

  7. Post removed as I'm afraid this article is too centred around the movies. Please feel free to post again on this subject matter with more book-focused content.

  8. I didn’t think it was, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. But I am curious being new to this group - what about it made you feel that it is framed around the movies?

  9. The first four paragraphs are entirely movie-focused. If the article could be separated from that it would be fine.

  10. You’re absolutely right. Many people don’t know that Tolkien wrote the original Lord of the Rings novel because he needed money as his academic job wasn’t paying enough.

  11. And sold the adaptation rights very specifically because he wanted the cash and didn't care about creative control as long as someone was willing to pay enough.

  12. Mostly correct, though OG Cataclysm had fungals, triffids, the amigara fault, grabboids, giant spiders and ants, zombies that shot acid and lightning or exploded, railguns, cybernetic parts you could install in your garage, and many more things I'm not thinking of off the top of my head.

  13. The original also had a mode where it could be played on a ssh server which would reset every week. As you logged in at different points of the week you'd see the world in different states of decay, partly influenced by what other players were doing (smashing windows and doors open, looting houses, building bases, leaving corpses behind). You were all playing on the same server, but you wouldn't see each other in the same game, adding to the feeling of being alone in a post-apocalyptic world with other lone survivors leaving their mark out of sight.

  14. Why did you put that punctuation around the word “Are”?

  15. I presume to emphasise present tense. There's a set of Major Roguelikes that was defined some time ago, but it's likely quite out of date out.

  16. Post removed per rule 4. You may wish to post on

  17. Just wait until Michael spots the organic vanilla chai tea in the corner

  18. Branded too. Don't they know Aldi do one for £1.50 less?

  19. They look like vastly superior versions of sausage rolls. A real sausage, beautiful pastry, and even a little artisanal decoration of sesame seeds. Quite lovely!

  20. That is still a sausage roll. They don't only exist at Gregg's and school dinner halls.

  21. Uh-oh, somebody didn't like their sandwich.

  22. Trying to stick the knife in, probably. She sounds like completely unhinged, how you could abandon your own child like that, you gotta have some problems up top.

  23. Yeah, the whole thing sounds like a serious mental breakdown on her part.

  24. Ancalagon was probably pretty well-adjusted. I'd probably need a lot less therapy if I could be a fuckoff huge dragon.

  25. He suffered from a brief fear of heights after an encounter with Earendil. Very brief, though.

  26. Patient goes to Doctor, complains of troubles, says whole world going to ruin and no one listens to his advice. It's stressful, he says.

  27. Yes, though he's housed in mortal flesh with a clouded memory of his origin.

  28. Post removed as I don't think you'll find many useful answers in the set of traditional roguelikes. Please check out

  29. Comment removed per rule 1. Please behave with basic decency here.

  30. Eh, parody is a form of flattery. They fucked themselves by becoming absurd in the later Brosnan era, and then following the trend of gritty realism.

  31. The grittiness was very welcome when it came along. It was a pleasant departure from the Brosnan movies. But now it's time for something else new.

  32. Nous ne parlons ici que des livres. Vous devriez plutôt demander à

  33. A lot of people said starship troopers (the movie) is pro military. I believe a lot of people simply cannot understand subtext.

  34. The original novel was! It was an amusing twist for the movie to shove on an anti-military message instead.

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