1. Channing fanning is great, he should do it

  2. Stress eating is a pain in the ass. Currently overweight and look like a big fucking ball when sat relaxed and its miserable, during highschool and the whole lockdown thing i ate a lot as i was in a hard situation living in a home that had constant arguments going on, now im suffering the effects of eating my feelings

  3. I dont know why but i laughed at this

  4. other than the lack of opener what makes nobu bad

  5. Lights are easy to parry/deflect, heavies are easy to parry / deflect, the kick is easy to dodge, the only good thing she has going is that stupid ass hidden stance which also isn't that difficult to counter.

  6. Looks like school rubbers (Erasers for anyone outside of the uk )

  7. Jesus christ honortards get on my nerves, its not my job to make sure you have fun, im only out here for my own enjoyment, fuck you im gonna gank and ledge if i really want to

  8. Hallo! im down to rp with you, though unfortunately i have no combat training irl.

  9. Genuinely just some valid points there tbf. Sex talks.

  10. You know I was honestly expecting the inside of the pouch to be fur lined... TBH that's on me

  11. That's the fault of media I think. I've seen kangaroo pouches being fur lined in cartoons

  12. I was gonna come in and say thats how bad shamans play, but you're playing shaolin and thats the effect shaolin has on me too, as a shaman main. Every time i fight this monkey fucker i just want to get it over with so i just throw attacks and stop caring.

  13. My sleep paralysis demon climbing over my bedframe.

  14. I agree its just a bit of an over generalised statement. I'm sure some who mod cars are respectful.

  15. Exhaust mods are usually used for people that want others to think they have a massive nob when in reality they have a 1 inch wonder

  16. Are we still using penis size jokes in 2022? People who use penis size as an insult are nobheads.

  17. In this case its more or less true.

  18. It's such a weird word. Pregnant.

  19. I've watched the show, I can understand these memes now.

  20. Breach is heavily rigged toward orange, I swear even revenge and stuff is too

  21. Vikings have the biggest player base. And knights are dumb as rocks.

  22. Bellend vs Bell end. Yeah one word Is better

  23. I have 14 reps on orochi, i wonder what that could do lol

  24. Because they sell more and save money keeping them the way they are

  25. I can play stonedface while stoned. Best game

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