1. How cute. Hope it works out for you Butt_Fucking_Smurfs

  2. Thats true, But it is often kind of hard to get which is annoying.

  3. Last year i was able to buy them in my local photo-store for 5fr (about the same in dollares) per roll, i bought 10 and should have bought more

  4. How did you specify what the 'oldest written form' is? Because written german goes back even further, if only in the form of short inscriptions.

  5. Well, they have to cuddle as long as there is still time. The steaks are high

  6. 'Ledig' means not married in my language, how fitting hahaha.

  7. Swiss-german, but in this case german as well, although the pronounciation is different (germ: ˈleːdɪç, swiss: ˈlɛdɪk) come to think of it, they one in the meme probably also comes from the same germanic root 'by piece' is sufficently close.

  8. And the variable sweep wings of this f14 tomcat are in cruising mode! Edit:

  9. I mean... It's literally written on the cartridge...

  10. Yeah s(h)ure, but it could also be a Philips 400, they look kinda similar

  11. Btw- if you want the nikon f-feel for a fraction of the price, get a nikkormat

  12. That's exactly what the job of a Sherman is and it is extremely good at it. Same as Elbing and some other "DDs" that, by all of WGs wisdom, were designed to take a DD slot yet are not a DD. Too bad maneuvering to contest caps, often have no torps to flush out DDs out of smoke/caps or area control torps, too slow to hunt down enemy DDs, too huge and slow to dodge incoming shells. All this combined with absurd damage output. These "DDs" are not DDs, they just have a triangle symbol on the map. It's just that incompetent teammates don't understand this and think they are DDs whos job it is to spot for them just so they can wiff every salvo and can't hit the broadside of a barn. So it's better to spot for these damage machines and let them carry the bag of potatoes.

  13. Excuse me, but which ship is a 'sherman'? Gearing? Friesland? Why sherman?

  14. It's a Forrest Sherman class DD. It only has 3 guns but they fire incredibly fast and can fire SAP rounds which hurt lightly armored ships quite well. So basically it's the ultimate DD killing DD but is great at shooting other targets and dealing a lot of damage quickly. It's however quite sluggish.

  15. I was in the wrong sub and thought this was legends (we don't have sherman (yet)). Sorry, my bad

  16. The term 'military time' is so ridiculous- many, if not most places on earth use this format to show time. No connection to your state-run oil company at all.

  17. Na mate, shush, that's not your germanic tribe to decide and we accept montblanc just fine.

  18. Also ich finds ja auch schön wenn man seine Mundart pflegt, aber irgendwo ist es auch albern wenn man das als eigene Sprache verkaufen will. Vor allem in Schriftform, ist doch eigentlich genau der Sinn einer Schrift das man sich auch mit Menschen austauschen kann mit denen man nicht persönlich Quatschen kann, also warum sollte man in seinem lokalen Dialekt schreiben wollen?

  19. Ich wür mal behaupte Schwiizer verstönd die meischte Varietäte wo im Land gredet werded. Ich ha zum Biispiil au bekannti us Baasel, die schriibed mier uf Baaslertitsch und ich mittelländisch zrugg und mier verstönd ois beschtens.

  20. Ich bin kein Schweizer und verstehe jedes Wort von dem was du schreibst, es ist aber halt nicht meine Mundart und wirkt auf mich falsch. Ich würde zum Beispiel keinen langen Text lesen wollen der in einer mir unbekannten Mundart verfasst wurde. Und bei Sachlichen, wissenschaftlichen oder professionellen Texten würde es mich sehr stören wenn jemand in seinem Dialekt schreibt.

  21. Als Schwiizer gwönnt isch mer scho sitt mer en Goof isch dra gwönnt, drum störts au nöd. Und alles wüsseschaftliche und staatliche isch immer in Hochsprach.

  22. I know this is controversial.. but what’s the point of even getting married if you’re not going to have kids?

  23. Our? Why don't you mention the country you live in? Becsuse he damn sure isn't my secretary of transportation

  24. Also, since i have not swen that written anywhere- use a soldering iron to heat the head of the screw (not too much, you don't want to damage anything) and an ice cube to cool it down again. The expansion and contraction might break the threats free.

  25. Si j'étais pas francophone je pense pas que j'aurais eu le courage d'apprendre le français, team neuch'

  26. A cette moment je suis pas sure si tu est sarcastique ou pas... Et exgusez-moi, mais quoi c'est un neuch'?

  27. Ah lol neuch' c'est neuchâtel/neuenburg. Nah I ain't sarcastic, would have never made the effort to learn French if it wasn't my native language

  28. Ah ca marche. Mais ton langue est jolie, c'est la Latin si il boit de vin pour mille ans. Et si-ty'l était pas français mais encore suisse tu était forcé de apprendre la francaise dans l'ecole malgré cela hahaha

  29. Beautiful turntable, hi-tachi my soul. Btw- i would consider building my own speakers, the parts are cheaper than the whole package and it's do-able with minimal woodworking skills. Just get two nice (whats the english word for kalotten-?)highspeakers or horns, good midspeakers and two subs with more than 30cm width, a good frequenzy splitter and you're good to go. If you buy- i'ts quite old wisdom (from my dad) but i still find it to hold true: subs need more than 30cm width and the speakers absolutely need two be 3 way. In my opinion the best speakers ever made are probably ACR isostatic rp 300, but they are nearly unobtanium.

  30. That's not even remotely true. The germal vowel system is quite complex, and vowels overlap, ä is usually more open than e. And it's not 'starting', the differences in pronounciation have actually flattened compared to earlier stages of german.

  31. that's 208€ in a currency that are relevant to a majority of redditors

  32. So about 207 Schwiizerfranke and 77 Rappe in the a tually most important currency?

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