1. I live in Delhi, the 4th most populated city in the world. I watched Hoopa raids go with empty lobbies. The only place I can expect to find a raid is a place an hour and half away. I can't plan what time to go there from 11, 2 or 5 as I don't have campfire and thus no way of knowing what times the raids are.

  2. Ur right im in new delhi and even legendary raids goes empty lobbies everyday, the only decent chance you have to find people to raid with is in Lodhis Garden 💀💀💀 and that too isn't always sure

  3. I'm surprised, is there a very low count of Pokemon Go players in India ? Here in Tokyo I created a lobby with 59 seconds left on the raid and it still filled with 20 players within 30 seconds.

  4. Tokyo is popular and delhi is not for pokemon go.. Unfortunately

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