Unfinished games are the new standard and I’m fucking sick of it.

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  1. Callisto Protocol lmfao.

  2. I am not pre-ordering for this reason. Just wait a few months and you get the same game patched and probably at half-price. Software houses will eventually notice and work harder (I hope).

  3. My local Morrison's doubled and tripled prices. I left and did not buy anything, it is corporate greed. I'd rather eat less or buy local. I think now it's the time to support local business.

  4. If cost is your only issue then shopping at local businesses isn't a wise move.

  5. Cost is certainly an issue, but what is the reason behind its increase? If I have to spend the same money, I go local. I am sure supermarket are pumping prices for profit and greed. Local business need to make a living. I have already given up to lower quality supermarket veggies and fruits, going to the local farm now. Much healthier and taste better!

  6. I have both, but Steam Deck is definitely the best value. You can get games for cheap, stream them via Xbox service, mod it, use emulators, etc. And it can be docked!

  7. PS4 Pro is a PS4 with more power. It released to accommodate people that have a 4K TV. It is slow compared to a PS5 but has a great game library.

  8. At that age I was playing and programming with a Commodore 64. Smart children will feel like at home and learn as they go. I think you should do this as long as your child is a tinkerer and likes a challenge (other than playing games).

  9. Hi Sophie! Have you ever listened to your music with hi-end audio gear? And if so, what do you think of the experience? I do and it's amazing. Thank you for your music!

  10. pretty much just in the studio or when mixing! I always want to make stuff that can sound amazing when You can hear everything perfectly but also good and some basic earbuds!

  11. Next PM will last less than my no-best-date already semi moulded veggies I bought at the supermarket.

  12. Leaving them in the bag doesn’t help, but the absolute state of fruit and veg in the shops at the moment. Trying to get raspberries in sainsburys the other day and half of them were already mouldy. Everything seems like it’s spent a week sitting in a van by the time you get it.

  13. Doesn't seem like, it is sitting ages in a van or truck. I noticed more mouldy and stale food in supermarket in recent times. I am not buying bread if not made by their bakery (3 tries in a week, different store, all mouldy) and completely stopped buying fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. I am going to the local farm now. Food is fresh, tastes better and the cost is comparable (same price as it used to be, no inflation mark up).

  14. Options as a Strategic Investment - by Lawrence G. MacMillan. Your management will get offended that you imply they should pay you more.

  15. If she is like my wife, she is likely to not baby her Steam deck. Women in my life see items as something to be used harshly until demise.

  16. When puts are closed, stocks go up. This is a way to make money on the way up, only to short again at one of the peaks. Like a rollercoaster. I expect a little bit up and more down.

  17. Some reviews say this won’t push out more than 22.5w on any port. Can you confirm?

  18. I have received mine and it's very slow to charge anything. My 18w Google Pixel (used for charging anything) is way faster. Also it does not charge my Anker 20000mah power bank at all (my 18w charger does!). I have emailed support now.

  19. Did you get solution from them? I just got this charger and my phone (OnePlus 7 Pro) charges slower than another third party charger that I have.

  20. They have sent me a replacement. Strangely it had a brighter logo on it, same on the package but it is the same model. Unfortunately, it was the same for me. My phone is a Xiaomi MI 9 Lite. My google pixel 18w charger charges it faster, and it does also charge an Anker PD essential powerbank.

  21. The Last of Us 2 is a true sequel. It continues the story but the theme is different. If you want another trip across the country to find a cure you will be disappointed. I think people don't like the story as they wanted a more of the same. You should try it, especially if you just completed Part I remake. I have noticed some nice minor foreshadowing and connections that are nice. I personally love Part II. It features old and new characters.

  22. I'm dreading October and January. Fuck this country.

  23. I bought a generator and solar panel just in case, at least I could play with portable consoles for free. Love this country but if next year is as I expect I am going to leave.

  24. You won't be able to afford the migration costs, that is something like £17k last time I checked (and that was 12 years ago) and most places require a sponsor for a right to work etc. Sorry bud, your stuck here too with the rest of us unless your rich

  25. I know, migration cost is a pain (mainly a relocation). But I am lucky enough to be Italian so work should be easier to find. I have seen the country going down in the past 10 years but the current speed is very concerning. I am currently in full 'try-to-improve' mode, searching for a better job despite having a good one. I see the water rising its level, so I try to plan ahead.

  26. It is, this sets a precedent (if it sells well) that these companies can change a full price for a remaster. It doesn’t bold well for the future of games.

  27. I think your post is late. Remaster precedents have been already set years ago.

  28. Not for 70 bucks. They are usually 10 or less than a full priced game. Like demons souls remake being full price was stupid and I bought it only when it went on sale, as I recommend everyone to do.

  29. Not for 70 but look at Nintendo, remasters and ports at full price. Final Fantasy VII Remake on Epic store at full price. There are more that I fail to remember now.

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