1. I do own the account and it does. I’ve only played Wraith on the new event and I have like 8k damage so far tracked towards the challenge.

  2. I have 50k in like 8 hours of playing only winter express its pretty easy to get 1k+ damage a match

  3. I would always call my chest my titties (eg: oh god I hit my left titty) because I thought it was just funny. I now find it simultaneously more and less funny.

  4. All those poor girls out there that have to panic about getting a really good tuck.

  5. I'm out to my fam but deadnamed and misgendered

  6. Personally Id rather be a strong girl's cute lil bottom

  7. I kind of skipped stage 3, lingered in stage 4 for a long time, and I'm sitting between stages 5 and 6 right now.

  8. I was chilling in stage 6 but now I've been stuck in stage 5 for a few months :(

  9. Ill try to share it once I get home here it is:

  10. Ooh that's not good :( on the other hand im loving the new apex character

  11. I’ve always sat while peeing even before I started to realise I might be trans

  12. Sameeee. I never understood why my mom thought it was weird. It made more sense to me to sit down than stand up.

  13. I get so much envy from these scenarios I feel like crying 😭

  14. My mom did my makeup a few hours ago and omg I look so prettyyyy 😭

  15. Why would you wana be average when you could be spicy

  16. We could :) I'm gonna be out of town for the next week or so though

  17. i forgot to mention that i'll also be reusing my 600w power supply oops

  18. If that’s all you want then you only need to spend 1,000 honestly even that is more than your asking for

  19. well that's nice to know :) I don't really know much about building a pc so i just wanted to be safe with the price. thank you

  20. What you mentioned has been around for like 2 years or so, if it was bannable epic would've already had a fix for them

  21. I was playing with a friend so I needed 2 and I think i fought him for like 6 hours lol

  22. Thankfully I did. Oddly enough I only got the yoyo he drops once

  23. You really gotta call me out like that while I'm looking at a bunch of picrews right now 😭

  24. Yea i learned that lesson last week. Was not a fun trip to the store

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