1. I like the profiles of both, but both haven't scored 20 goals in a season yet but then again once you discount Kane and Osimhen, there are not too many reliable forwards left in the market. Would've loved Ferguson here but he just signed a new contract. That leaves Ramos, Muani and Hojlund.

  2. A modest 100M and you can take Ramos.

  3. How do you rate Ramos Vs Darwin?

  4. Very different players. Darwin was more explosive for us, Ramos played more the role of a classical striker. He has much better decision making them Darwin. He didn't take any penalties this season, otherwise his goal numbers would've been enormous. He plays well with the midfield and scored good hearted and can finalize counter attack plays well. I can't say if he reached how full potential or not, he had some fluctuations in his dispute this season. Moments where he seemed world class, others where he wouldn't score for several games. But he wasn't the only one in our team with those issues. He also has a better temperament than Darwin. He wouldn't have gotten the ridiculous red card that Darwin got the beginning of the season for example

  5. The powertrain (motors and controllers) is by Magna... The batteries are by CATL.

  6. "But it's a dYiNg BrIcK aNd MoRtAr."

  7. That's Perturabo's perspective, not the perspective of those around him.

  8. Yes! I think this is just Ferrus having resting bitch face and Perturabo taking it way too far. Perturabo's tragedy, if not his shitty personality from his upbringing, was the Emperor giving the absolute worst jobs to a guy with a martyr complex and not the Lion.

  9. He did give the worst jobs to the Lion.

  10. As an ID.4 owner I take exception to this. We regularly charge from 20 to 80% in about 25 minutes. And charging from 80-100 takes no more than 20 minutes (a big difference from other EVs, I’m learning). More ID.4s in the road means you’ll see more of them at the charging stations, doesn’t mean they take longer. Unless the owner is trying to go from 20-100 on a single charge, but that’s operator error, not the car.

  11. The Ioniq5 has a 800V architecture. I think they can achieve faster charging speeds if the fat charger supports it. Not sure about real life impact.

  12. 75M for him would be amazing for you guys.

  13. As usual, they'd only see 40M of it

  14. Looks like America is finally getting a power-up in the energy game. Mario would be proud.

  15. But there are a lot of Warios trying to screw this.

  16. Unless your solar is off grid or you have a good battery backup, how is that independence? Your power still goes out when the grid goes down. And considering the average payback for solar is ~10 yrs, and the lifetime of solar panels is about 15 years, the numbers don't add up for the average consumer. I'm all for alternative power but we still have a ways to go before it's more cost effective.

  17. If he can spend 130k in that, who are you to tell him it's wrong? It's much better than not doing anything. As for people without that capacity there's other things they can do.

  18. Genuine question: it seems that it’s important to you that more people knew Irish; why is it important?

  19. Because it's the original language of Ireland?

  20. Who wasnt? barcelona got Semedo for like 50M€, other rich teams like City got scammed with Mangala, Fernando and javi for the same amount. If anyone checks the Mendes Train with Benfica, Valência, Wolves, Monaco etc etc they will found the money train. the 126M€ for felix is nothing when you check deals like bebé to United and others. half the football clubs already got scammed by Mendes and portuguese teams

  21. Scammed by the portuguese teams? Sorry, what? We value our talents and want to hold them longer. If the board of other clubs are stupid enough to blow huge loads of money because we don't budge in negotiations that's their issue.

  22. And if anything I would say portuguese teams are being exploited by Mendes. He’s a money laundering machine and it’s sucking the blood of too many clubs around Europe

  23. Yes. My students love to brag that they've never read a full book...like it's something to be proud of at 16-18 years old.

  24. That's because Tate told them reading is boring.

  25. Está a fazer boa figura no meio-campo do Benfica.

  26. Meanwhile, 3rd division UD Leiria coming in hot with 106373 total attendance in only 14 home matches (7598 per game average).

  27. Leiria was giving away tickets. Would they do the same in the league?

  28. Man, the attendance after boavista is so bad.. we really need setubal, leiria and academica back, these numbers aren’t good

  29. Leiria? Lol, when they were in the league they had terrible attendance numbers.

  30. Como raio é que Alvalade está tão vazio em comparação com o Dragão? Os Sportinguistas só vão ao estádio quando as coisas estão a correr bem?

  31. Estava a pensar o mesmo. Quase mesma percentagem de ocupação que o Vitória que ainda continua á frente do Braga.

  32. Alguém da estrutura do Benfica devia ter-lhe dito para não postar provocações porque podia ser suspenso. Isso prejudica o clube no próximo campeonato. Enfim.

  33. Not an opponent at all. But oil consumption rises every year still. There is no way we meet any climate goals. It's not even remotely close and that's a fact. And I can and should critique that. These news are just here to make you feel better

  34. Oil is barely used to produce electricity. You are talking about an unrelated issue.

  35. Any other result would have been an injustice imo, Benfica walked the league until January, playing beautiful football, and even on the second half of the season I still think they were the better team. Kudos.

  36. Thanks. It's a shame your first half of the league was so bad. I dig our rivalry.

  37. Tenho a certeza que sendo alemão, por isso acompanhando muito mais de perto o campeonato, o Roger Schmidt vai usar o exemplo do que se está a passar neste momento em Dortmund para motivar a equipa. É o que eles precisam neste jogo: motivação, cabeça fria e clareza. Não há grande tática a aplicar de novo, é o último jogo.

  38. O Dortmund perdeu o campeonato. Isto é um pesadelo para quem apoia o clube.

  39. Not exactly. Back in the day, teams haven't to be affiliated with the National Federation. They could be affiliated with an affiliate team. I don't know what was the advantage of that way but there was a lot of teams affiliated with bigger teams like Benfica, Porto, Sporting, Boavista and Belenenses.

  40. Farense was also a very successful Sporting affiliated club.

  41. We went through something similar 10 years ago. I was dead inside.

  42. How has the premier league risen though? It’s always been high up surely lol

  43. In terms of visibility and competitiveness La Liga was above it most of the 10s.

  44. In terms of technique and skill la liga was superior in the 2010 decade no contest. More competitive and more visibility? No.

  45. They dominated surpassent competitions and still dominate. They were more competitive.

  46. Maybe you should do something to re-use that flag again.

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