So another ticker comes crawling out of the woodwork with perfect timing in the DOOMPS expiry week explicitly talking about a "naked short action plan" on MSM, and we're supposed to eat it raw?

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  1. Holy shit, I totally forgot about options. There are many calls itm now, the fuze is lit. Starting Monday, the countdown may very well be T-35.

  2. NEC - Cada quien tiene derecho de tener fantasias. Desde que su novia no se entere, no tiene nada malo. Y pues por muy rica que este la suegra, trate de no demostrarlo por respeto.

  3. He didn't short the banks but he shorted the bank depositors.

  4. This is the same thought I had. I think it is a battle between the Fed/Treasury vs Wall St.

  5. Visiting Japan is one thing, living there is a completely different story. The Japanese may seem nice from a tourist point of view, but practicing it will drive anyone who grew up in Canada nuts.

  6. Logged in yesterday after 2 months and was shocked to see the 2FA prompt!

  7. I really wonder why institutions are increasing their positions in GME but in VERY small portions compared to their overall assets under mgmt.

  8. If your friend has a drinking problem, it's best he doesn't bring it up in the interview. Same with drugs - he should not mention any of this in the interview, even if he is very dependent on them.

  9. Take the money and move to an Island.

  10. Good for you. I did the same. I realized I had 2 choices:

  11. If it's very laggy but your internet connection is stable, you are probably using a HDD. You need an SSD, especially for MMOs.

  12. This account has always been on point.

  13. This would be nice. Raiding/dungeoneering.

  14. How did he survive not drinking for 6 days?

  15. He is used to not drinking or eating for several days at a time already.

  16. I can’t see any superstonk posts on my home page. I know people have experienced this before but it has never happened to me before. Something weird is happening.

  17. Nice, but can it fit the price when it gets to $1000 plus?

  18. Fucking crooks. I promise you software gets updated AT LEAST once every quarter and this includes security updates.

  19. For all you weiners getting excited about today’s rally, don’t get your hopes up yet.

  20. I had no idea who Roger or genius were prior to the interview with Wes. Interviewing Wes just made it look legit.

  21. Buying treasure hunter keys to use lamps won’t get you the pet, bud. I would get back to work.

  22. learning a hard lesson if this is what did it. 100%

  23. There is no way authentication is in clear text from your osrs client. I promise you it was not using the public wifi.

  24. This is hilarious. He probably can’t sleep nowadays hahaha

  25. Clearly, Elon is not aware of his dark history and tactics. Kenny G is nothing more than financing to him, and he'll do what he has to for Tesla's benefit.

  26. I think Elon didn’t know this up until 3-4 years ago. He really used to hate shorts and wall street. Even told them on TV to not buy Tesla.

  27. Make sure to apply for EI as you’ll get $2k a month for at least 9 months, hopefully by then moass happened or you got another job.

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