Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:

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  1. You mean the quaking manga panels instead of actual animation? The utter inability to draw on-model? Genos' armor having the texture of a 2001 silver Journada PDA? The laser blips and blops in the place of punch sound effects?

  2. i’ll take a double triple dabuzzy deluxe😍, on a raft🛶, four-by-four min-min style🍜, extra pikmin👽 with a shimmy and a squeeze, light Luna⭐️ grease, make it cry😭, burn it🔥, and let it swim🌊

  3. I'm going to get downvoted for this, but I don't like Orange Piccolo and Gohan DeviantArt Beast.

  4. What about Super shen long? where is it on the scale.

  5. Still getting its corner clicked and dragged as we speak.

  6. Why is there war propaganda in this sub?

  7. Posting a joke about a genocidal maniac with finger on the big red button threatening the world is propaganda, apparently.

  8. then why isn't this about the last presidents before trump who droned kids in the middle east and I still don't see how any of this can be comedic?

  9. The electric razor on my neckline does it for me.

  10. It's scratchy and nice for some reason and I wish they wouldn't stop after 2 seconds.

  11. To be a Kung Fu Master at such a young (you seem like you're in your 20s) age.

  12. "Hello, my child. Yes, it is me, Jesus Christ. I'm a kid now, I'm a squid now. I'm a kid, I'm a squid, I'm a kid now. Wanna play some Splatatatatatatatatata- Splatoon?"

  13. I like Jiren more now that they have established that he hasn't been surpassed.

  14. Wait really? Idk what that is because I only read the manga and watched abridged

  15. Goku fought Jelly Vegeta, then Monaka accidentally stepped on the Superhuman Water's core, breaking it and defeating Jelly Vegeta.

  16. It's worth watching in English because they bring back Brian Drummond for Copy Vegeta.

  17. I don't know what game it's supposed to be advertising, and neither has this given me any interest in looking.

  18. I don't even want to make this a meme. That's just free advertising.

  19. Maybe put individual spoiler tags for each line that should work.

  20. Fun fact: if you time it right and throw your first bomb early and then IMMEDIATELY go into squid form to recover ink for a second bomb, you can kill a flyfish yourself in a single cycle. Requires quick fingers and good aim but it's very doable with practice

  21. I mean, you can just hold ZL, press R to throw, and press R to throw again. Never let go of ZL.

  22. What, no $2000 Samsung phone joke? What is this 2007?

  23. I got my S9, when it was 7 months old, for 300 dollars new.

  24. It was 700 dollars when it came out, before this crazy inflation. The iPhone XS, the contemporary model, retailed for 999$.

  25. Damn, this is almost a better Urza than regular Urza for my Urza deck, but I don’t want to add in white and blue and take out all the 0-drops for it

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