1. How fast do HSR tickets sell out? Is it possible to get HSR tickets if I buy on the spot? Are these days/timings generally ok to secure tickets? From Taoyuan to Zuoying on a Friday afternoon, from Zuoying to Taichung on a Sunday morning?

  2. HSR tickets sell out fairly quickly for holidays, but for the specified times like you mentioned and if you're by yourself getting a ticket on the spot shouldn't be too difficult from my own experience. Worst thing that happens is they seat you in the middle seat rather than aisle or window.

  3. Can I get instax film easily in Taiwan/taipei stores?

  4. How is this news? She just congratulated. Wow the Taiwanese news companies can really come up with useless news

  5. You know how rare it is for head of states of countries that don't have official relations with Taiwan to have actual contact with the President? What's normal for other countries isn't for Taiwan due to China.

  6. I think the title was more referring to that the Czech Republic isn't one of Taiwan's diplomatic allies.

  7. Kind of mixed feelings here as well though I do gotta point out you do realize those things are happening regardless of if McCarthy comes to Taiwan? It's not like the Taiwan air force doesn't fly except for when the House Speaker comes to Taiwan. There's sorties daily within the ADIZ and Chinese vessels crossing the median line. There's going to be wear and tear regardless.

  8. Doubtful, they'll just charge same price or higher by claiming they have to spend money on maintenance for drinking water machines or faucets for their hotel customers.

  9. I have friends who vote KMT but hate the CCP. A lot of what you hear about blue voters from waiguoren is not reflective of reality.

  10. Pretty accurate, there's actually a fair few voters out there who vote based on who protects the ROC too. I know a family who votes KMT in local but DPP in national because they have little faith in the KMT on national level to safeguard the ROC against the CCP but think the KMT is good for local business. Politics is complicated.

  11. China stance didn't change, they always want a reunification. Taiwan's stance changes depending on which party is running the country.

  12. Ironic considering the other recent posts on traffic safety.

  13. I really have to hard disagree. The so-called Triad ties are an utmost exaggeration to dilute the main opposition’s actual deep ties with Taiwanese/Chinese mafias. That is ex-gangster taking all the blame is an ex-gangster who isn’t even in the current government. What scandals exactly? Most if not all are hearsays and biases.

  14. To be fair though, Tsai is famously a terrible speaker.

  15. It depends on who you ask. A deep-blue person would think she's the Devil incarnate, seeking to bait China into war with Taiwan.

  16. Depends on the deep-green lol. Some deep-greens strongly dislike her because of her stance on the ROC.

  17. The virtue signalling on the Taiwanese side in also problematic. Tsai plays into the Taiwanese victim complex, constantly sending fighter jet to fly low above densely populated areas, ostensibly because of the urgency of the Chinese threat, but also to create a climate of fear and anxiety in the population, and ultimately maintain presidential power for herself and her crew. East Asian cultures are highly socialized and respond well to this sort of manipulation. On issues of substance, groupthink is only marginally less intense in Taiwan than in mainland China.

  18. Jets are increasingly flying low, fast and often above many west coast cities.

  19. Because their identity is based around Chinese nationalism which invites CCP sympathies. The KMT itself is in constant flux because it's not really a political party exactly but more of a political organization that still somewhat thinks itself as with a colonial ruling class. When I say the colonial ruling class I'm talking about the deep blue mainlander elites who run the party's levers, but they go into constant collision with the pro-US side/more light blue Taiwanized members who grew up thinking themselves not as ruling class but as a political party. Some of the deep blues would rather see Taiwan annexed as a Chinese province rather than play a part of in the Taiwanese democracy.

  20. This is absolutely absurd the amount of lengths and hoops he had to go through. Makes you really think this whole process is so convoluted and stupid on purpose because it's intentionally designed this way to discourage people.

  21. Not to be a downer to the other post a day ago titled “We did it Reddit!” or anything.., but real change will take a very long time.

  22. It's not just enforcement too, people need to be also taught more awareness when they're driving.

  23. What is up with this dumb trend of photographing headlines. Just post the article.

  24. You'll need a visitor's visa seeing that South Africa doesn't have a visa free agreement with Taiwan.

  25. This is why the US sub fleet is so important. Use subs, like the Ohio-class SSGNs, to soften up China's anti-air and anti-ship defenses.

  26. Though just to be clear the US sub fleet isn't going to be sitting in the Taiwan strait, it's actually fairly shallow.

  27. Ehh one TSMC factory isn't really going to help the US in the event of a war unless they actually stockpile chips for years since most of the production is in Taiwan. Talk to me when they actually open it and every other TSMC fab line there in existence then I'll believe it.

  28. The five year restriction is only for 私法人.

  29. Reccomendation for Taichung night markets since you live there?

  30. Well Fengjia or Yizhong night market if you like big night markets along the street. Hanxi's okay too. If you want a a bit smaller one that feels more local could go to Zongzhan which is by Jiushe MRT or Dongping which is down in southern Taichung.

  31. There's a flea market next to Taiyuan station in Taichung I recommend. Have found some interesting second hand stuff there.

  32. Strangers don't usually randomly say hi or interact with you here in Taiwan, let alone smiling (plus masks makes it harder to tell anyways). Maybe it's a thing in Italy but definitely not in Taiwan.

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