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  1. As a bisexual I find both penises and vaginas to be cute af.

  2. Right after a migraine goes away. It's almost a spiritual experience.

  3. When I was ordering breakfast in a food court the same thing happened.

  4. My mom taught me this when we were raising chickens :) always break eggs in a separate bowl.

  5. My husband used to leave his mayo out of the fridge. I kept getting sick using it. So I side with you on this one.

  6. “Step right up!” TikTok has become the modern-day Side-Show where people can turn a profit on the tragedy of Others

  7. Someone I used to babysit (we would play Xbox together and we were only a few years apart) became a decent streamer. Well after I moved back home he slid into my DMs and asked to hang out. We hung out a lot! Convinced me to buy him a new Xbox for his channel. He promised to pay me back. After the purchase we went to his place and he came onto me. We had sex. Never heard from him again. Guess it was a 300$ booty call. I later contacted him years later to call him out on what he did. He apologized but never offered to pay me back.

  8. My brothers German shepherd had arthritis and hip problems that’s caused her aggressiveness. I personally wouldn’t have put her down but my mom did when my brother had children.

  9. When I lost weight I was actually sick. For months! Everyone thought I was doing drugs..

  10. I'm sorry, that's not my main language. What's that?

  11. He worked at a factory that built machinery. His job was to fill every hole before they sprayed on the paint.

  12. I actually woke up with a herniated disk in my neck! I had pain/stiff neck for months before I got help. After Drs visit and PT it healed in a few months. Since then my migraines I’ve had since I was 17? Gone! I haven’t had one since and they used to be regular. So it has its pros and cons.

  13. I’m bisexual which means I’m attracted to someone who is a friend and not me.

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