The ULTIMATE Guide to Passing Urine Drug Tests (For THC)

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  1. Are you sure? It’s not colorful and it is in a bush

  2. No. There are lots of them in a bush in my yard

  3. I ate one edible 1:1 October 5th. May have a drug test coming up next week. Probably the only time I’ve used in the last 2 years. I fucked myself didn’t I.

  4. For sure? Took a home test just now and it came out negative. Freaking out though.

  5. If you only took it once then it’s 10-20 days. Trust me, you’re good.

  6. Hionnature has potent as shit edibles. I have the electric lemonade shockwaves and they will have you on the moon.

  7. Never tried them but their website is hionnature.com

  8. FYI, there are multiple different companies using the brand name medusa in the world of cannabis.

  9. Really? Do they have the same logo? I went to their website and their carts have the same logo as mine.

  10. In my neck of the woods, at least half of what they sell is questionable at best. Look up the brand online to see if the do lab reports that check for bad stuff like solvents and pesticides

  11. I went to their website and all of the reviews were 5/5 besides for the ones that had issues with shipping which I don’t really care for since I got mine from a smoke shop soooo….

  12. Legit like 3 months prolly, btw we would appreciate if you posted back how long it took you to piss clean (I have not stopped smoking delta 8 for long enough to piss clean for the past year and half now)

  13. I had a little red one and it has worked better than any of my other carts, that’s just my experience. I didn’t have any irritation in the throat and no harsh symptoms, it just felt very smooth. And it’s strong asf

  14. 5”8 170 lbs I smoked a delta 8 cart one session a day for a month and stopped about a month ago. Two weeks ago, I took two 200 mg gummies with 0.2% THC and have been clean ever since. I have a drug test next week. Do you think I’ll pass?

  15. You should be fine if you’re a first time user and that’s all you took.

  16. Sounds like something I would do when I’m high

  17. Fish, wolf, goblin, bastard. There are literally so many

  18. That’s literally half the fucking videos you see on this sub lmao

  19. Waiting for the others to come out so he can join the crowd

  20. also stuck with beautiful home with a case of stairs

  21. Get some spray or leave them alone. Shouldn’t be too much of a nuisance

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