1. 15 is not old! He is wise and handsome ❤️

  2. Sending good wishes and healing vibes to your baby! My orange boy went through the same thing last year, spent three days inpatient with a bladder catheter and IV fluids. Recovered fully, now on special diet CD food, doing really well ❤️

  3. My orange boy always joins me at the piano too. I like your seat cover!

  4. This is lovely! Cats can find their way to anyone’s heart ❤️

  5. What is under boob length? Is it mid back?

  6. Hi Charlie! Hurry up home, lovely baby, your treats are waiting ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Aww his tongue looks like tiny pink heart 💖

  8. My biggest question is, how is that seagull going to digest the rabbit bones….. 🦴

  9. Absolutely! Love the pink ears and the sass ❤️

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