1. I didn't read the comics. What is the lore of his strength level in the comic? As in, does it ignore physics and he's just all powerful, just because. If he wanted to fly at a planet, could he generate the force needed to punch it into pieces even though he lacks the mass an object needs to break it? Or like, is he essentially immobilized in this block and therefore cannot exert any force? Because if he can break anything, he just needs to heal to the point he can use muscle right?

  2. It doesn’t that matter , there is a lot of cool armor in the game You should consider yourself a lucky person to have a PS5 overall , That’s what matter

  3. I am very happy that I managed to get a PS5, I'm just lamenting that there is a cool-looking armour set that I can't get.

  4. A new iris for Nidavellr, so Thor won't have to burn himself eveytime Eitri needs to forge something.

  5. I see so many ppl now mentioning that he flipped Tyr's temple and just feel like everyone in this sub has either forgotten or never played the original GOW games

  6. Yes, but the temple carries the Nine Realms, so it weighs more than just a temple. Picking up nine planets and tossing them around is a more impressive feat than stopping a mountain sized guy.

  7. Needed more god-boss fights, and more spectacle. The Thor boss fight should've had him smack you to the peak of Asgards wall for a second phase, then Kratos and Thor fall onto Jormungandr's back and there's a third phase on Jormungandr that ends with him being knocked back in time.

  8. If you'd have told me, a year ago that I'd be locked inside of my home.


  10. This summer, Arnold Schwarzenegger is: Explosions, gunshots LITTLE TORTILLA BOY

  11. And played him in the April fools minecraft video while red was sun

  12. Mfer nearly lost to Abomination, what makes you think he could beat Thanos? Hulk had spent who-knows how long fighting in bloodsport competitions before fighting Thanos, so if anything, that was the best fight he could've put up.

  13. As someone who just Platinumed/100% Ragnarok, this is how I felt.

  14. The Codex is from Kratos' perspective, but the drawings are done by Atreus. It's mentioned a few times throughout the game, and I just assumed that Kratos writes in the book, but Atreus draws.

  15. Where the hell do people say thongs?? Never heard of that. Its flip flops by the way. Lol

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