1. My head canon is that akihiko isn’t fighting him for justice, but because he’s a steroid user

  2. Akihiko on his way to prove you don't need steroids to get muscles but lots of protein instead.

  3. When did jet and zuko know eachother??

  4. Back in the boat with Iroh to Ba Sing Se, he met Jet there.

  5. Right around December and January is where the story gets really interesting.

  6. It'll be harder to pull newcomers to the original trilogy since their gameplay is really different from what they would expect on a Persona game.

  7. You're better off buying P5 or P5: Royal. They're beginner friendly for newcomers.

  8. Just wondering, to push Haru into relationship at your dates, what level are your confidant at the end of November?

  9. You just need to be at Lv.9 with your female confidants and a prompt will be given if you want to start a relationship with them.

  10. Streetward Rambler and Guizhong looks so beautiful in this!

  11. I would assume they're deep behind enemy lines thus they continue to fight for their lives.

  12. That makes sense in the moment, but later on as Anemone becomes leader of the resistance, are they fighting for mankind? And if they are labeled as deserters, why do other androids trust them?

  13. Anemone's the leader of the Resistance around that area and not really the leader of the entire thing. And yes, they're still fighting for mankind albeit they don't know they're extinct already.

  14. Hello, i found this drawing and I can't figure out what is written in the signature, can someone help me pls? Also, If you have more information about the drawing feel free to comment, thanks in advance :)

  15. Ayo, Cloud Retainer's human form gives me Bayonetta vibes.

  16. I've kinda played through the series sporadically, is it ever explained why Philemon isn't present in the newer games?

  17. One prevalent theory is that the reconstruction of the new timeline drained Philemon of his powers thus he assigned Igor to watch over the new Wildcards.

  18. An internet connection is required for the PS4 but I can't say the same for the Switch.

  19. While not really the best thing to challenge Katara in basically her home turf, Zuko still has guts to fight her in such conditions.

  20. Is it an hour and 20 minutes or 1:20 minutes for you to beat it?

  21. You can also read the manga which covers the SEBEC route and a little bit of the Snow Queen route. Highly recommended if the gameplay is not up to you.

  22. Far as I know, P3 and its FES version never saw a release on PC. It's only available physically in the PS2 and digitally in the PS3. The upcoming ports are digital only as well.

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