1. Ya I definitely want ice hash I'm not sure why op is acting crazy

  2. I get that. It’s only a 60 min drive there for me, if that, and being a newbie in dispensary purchases after being away from weed for approx 20 years I feel like it’s like wine flights. The risk is easier for me to make, and I know some people have expressed concerns, but my experiences there have been great. Of course any issue I could have I’m just 45-60 mins away vs. an entire day. If you’re ever in the area I would say it’s worth stopping by, but I don’t know if it’s good enough for an entire day 🤣

  3. Check out green labs in luna Pier. Little south of Monroe. Does a 50% off discount first time on flower. Honors med card. Definitely worth a try if you like weedys style. You can see and smell everything here first. But comes in prepack Glass jars.

  4. Thank you for the tip! I was not aware of the Luna Pier store. It’s slightly closer for me, too, being pretty much on the border. I may have to check it out this weekend.

  5. The death by funk was good. The orange strain they have is very similar to orange 43,tastes almost identical . Time bandit looks amazing but kind of lacking taste same goes for picnic. Staff is great.

  6. N E ohio be aware that NY tribal dispensaries are 2 hours away prices vary greatly from one to the next but it beats driving across the state.No taxes on top of that.

  7. I was visiting Buffalo and hit one of these up in a gas station they had only been open for 2 days at that point but those guys had it going on.

  8. Just 15 minutes past the border you can choose to pay whatever price you want. Quality still costs money tho. But incredible deals to be had.

  9. Cresco liquid live resin carts are super tasty. The supply carts from them are boof

  10. To each their own. I prefer the disti potency with the live resin terps….and the price is right too!

  11. I'm guessing alien pebbles from galenas and his pic did not upload.

  12. Really enjoyed sticky glue for the price I was getting it at. Classic glue taste.

  13. That will happen until your tolerance raises a bit. Really surprised 043 is putting you to sleep.

  14. I agree certified is ass. Hay terps constantly.

  15. Weedys does half off first time order if you wanted some cheap flower. Flower is strong but flavorless mostly. I liked dough girl and alien abduction the most.

  16. I like to hire them for a distraction. Especially when getting third partied they will often draw fire away from me. Now if I'm in carmageddon mode it's nice to hire them to randomly shoot people I'm running over.

  17. No one will know but you. Bring your ohio ID, it is somewhat illegal to cross state lines. But I guess hundreds of ohioans are guilty of that daily in Michigan.

  18. Distillate with Botanical Terps. These are a waste.

  19. Luster is just a type of pod and battery system for smoking prepackaged oil pods.

  20. I've been using mine for around a week now. I really like the battery but not the flavor. I got the sherbert live resin pod, the hits are very airy, and have virtually no taste at all. 1/10 hits will be as expected. The rest taste like Styrofoam and warming plastic. Tried both batteries. Tried the carb on the side.

  21. I usually cringe at ideas in this sub, but these are actually pretty good.

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