1. This is exactly what he should have done. The sidewalk must be above your yard. The yard slopes quickly at the end. An angled pour would be too steep there at the end, so he would have had to start angling much further back. That would have led to it being below the yard, resulting in flooding and mud. He did this perfectly.

  2. It's not ready. It's literally still green in the picture.

  3. Looks like feed corn. Not the sweet corn we eat. They won't harvest that till October when it's all yellow. Moisture content is the concern when harvesting early.

  4. Rso is a full spectrum extract that if made correctly should contain all plant compounds,cannabinoids, plant fats and oils etc etc. Pioneered by Rick Simpson to cure his own cancer. He claims it has the ability and possibility to eliminate any cancer on or in the body. As well as a list of other uses most notably pain relief.

  5. They used to be disappointing. But they have Come along way since then and klutch Pods are very nice.

  6. It's almost like you don't understand wrestling at all.

  7. Mymedicinellc.com is a little cheaper than ohiocannabisconnection.com

  8. I'm not sure what the cost is for a new patient.

  9. For real skyward sword is dogshit. Windwaker is my jam. Big fan of minish cap as well.

  10. The flower has been garbage for me every time. The lusters are fire.

  11. Lol where do you think the material for lusters come from? How do you get a superior oil??? Superior flower…right?

  12. I can't help that they can't cure there shit worth a fuck.

  13. Sure looks like it. But that's just my eyes on the internet

  14. That dispensary has consistently raised prices. They literally grow out back in a different building. There's no reason they don't have a constant rotation of excellent deals happening at their own dispensery. But no they have been trying to price every tenth as high as the market will allow. Definite greed.

  15. Well when I'm stressed out or do sexual activity my balls do not hurt. So let's see what the next guy says. Then we will know which one is the normal behavior.

  16. Thanks. Can you explain strip sealer with xylene a little more?

  17. Spray xylene on the concrete. This loosens the sealer into a liquid form. Then you pressure wash it away. But the xylene leaves quickly.

  18. There’s no sealer. It was never sealed.

  19. It shows up on your OARS. So any medical person can see your cannabis purchases. So even your dentist knows!

  20. That depends on if you want to turn it to powder yourself. Or have it already prepared for you.

  21. Dispo sativa especially salty watermelon or o43 is like for real get you moving sativa.

  22. Even at that price distillate still feels overpriced.

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