Iraq 2003

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  1. Pitch this idea to Comedy Channel or Nickelodeon. Side splitting idea.

  2. Sunny in Philadelphia got to it first haha. Frank's little beauties episode.

  3. I cleaned Charlie Sheen's rented cottage while doing a housekeeping gig in Martha's Vineyard back in 2017. I also cleaned Connie Britton's cottage (Friday Night Lights) and she walked in the cottage while I was cleaning. She was super casual about it because I didn't expect anyone to come in and certainly didn't expect her. Her cottage was WAY cleaner than Charlie's and she tipped me $40. These were full blown two bedroom 1 bath cottages so it usually took me like 2 hours to deep clean. Charlie's took me 6.....

  4. I think his son would have been way worse to be honest. That guy appeared to be beyond lawless. He was basically willing to rape a girl right in front of his dad (Jose) who seemed to have a slight hint of dignity to stop it. He also killed the girl afterwards.

  5. More animations? I'm not sure if my phone battery will survive this update.

  6. I like to jerk off to tranny on tranny porn after watching beheading videos. So your good.

  7. I need to find my celebrity hit list and I will name a few.

  8. I totally get it. As much as I love her, my girlfriend will not stop talking. Every second of the day it's something. My goodness I'm ready to take my ears off I just want some silence too.

  9. I saw a guy shoot him self with a short gun while streaming, that was most disterbing video i have ever seen in my life .

  10. I've seen it. I'm not sure how to process or respond to it. I try to forget or but it keeps coming back. Luckily my days are occupied enough to drift pretty far away from it. But at the end of the day when I try to sleep, I see it. If I talk to an person who hasn't seen it they would think I'm psycho or some shit for willingly watching it which is a fear.

  11. I think mine is a tie between a video from the center of the recent crowd crush in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, and it haunts me to this day. It's such tragic loss of human life and so many angles were documented by victims who couldn't get out. You can see people whose torsos are jutting from the top of the crowd yet hanging lifelessly while blood trickled from their mouths, and just blank stares of other faces of all of the dead.

  12. I can't unsee that video. I want to talk to someone about it to help but kind of nervous admitting that I willingly watched that without being put in a ward or some shit to an actual person outside of this thread or people who've also seen it. (Referring to Ronnie McNutt).

  13. Looks like money that could be put to better uses. Coughs in education and health care...

  14. 5 prerolls for 20. Wayyy higher than in the states especially cuz the quality

  15. More like way higher because the Feds control the marketing and states can tax the shit out of it. Here in Alaska it's $25 for 1 gram. Fuck that. Also I'm a collector after certain cool items that can't be found here and that sticker catches my eye. Is there anyway to obtain one without catching attention or involvement of any kind?

  16. mann if i didnt throw it away i could totally send it to you. If you tryna make the journey from alaska to sonora i can tell you which bathroom to walk into lmao

  17. Haha unfortunately such a journey is out of my reach. Passports are hard to get here apparently. If you ever come across that one or similar hit me up 👌 TSA shouldn't have a problem getting them through seeing how it's stickers and I'm sure most Americans are dull enough to not even recognize their origins.

  18. And they always take such good care of their informants 🤣🤡

  19. USA doesn't give a shit about it's informants, it's all about the green bro.

  20. Sometimes I wonder if members really lurk freely throughout Reddit lol.

  21. Why? What can they do for you? They can get you a casket at most.

  22. The problem with cartel soldiers is that with all that ruthless heartless behaviour they could be something bigger for example you might aswell just do heists in America or just extort people ik that’s a lot of attention but fuck it better than being a fucking PAWN be your FUCKING OWN BOSS. You have to risk the dice for better rewards not fucking 12 pesos🤡stupid guys I swear bunch of sheeps yes sir sorry patron😂😂

  23. My ass is sitting here playing detective already lol. Looking at the scene and noticing things. The way he was cut and placed. All details. Trying to paint a picture on how his final moments occurred and how his life came to that.

  24. How many diseases did they obtain from that camel snot and then touching their mouths?

  25. How many diseases did the camels obtain from the humans?

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