1. WHAT it’s sold out already for TWT finals in Amsterdam????? I found out they were avaliable a few hours ago and i haven’t even found out where to buy them. And they’re just out of tickets already. Wtf?!?!?!

  2. Where do i buy tickets? Can’t find it on the website

  3. Besides ws4 and junkyard, law’s dss transitions Are highs. Dick jabs usually stops it completly. Different story on ws4 dss tho

  4. Newbie here. Are the citadel hits mostly random or does it matter where i aim? I feel i hit ships citadels alot but almost never get citadel hits. Atleast not as often as i hoped for.

  5. There in fixed spots, but the math involved to determine penetration is complex. Range, shell velocity, angle of target all come into play. Once you get your commanders leveled you’ll start being able to reliably hit citadels

  6. Ahaaaa i see! Some more newbie questions if it’s ok with you OP:

  7. I personally love halberds and the like, but I can see how that might not be the best for a Tekken character.

  8. That would be interesting! Maybe a knight with a rondell dagger and buckler? Not the most common combo but i think it could translate well to tekken. Allowing for some special grabble animations and some cool parry mechanics with the buckler

  9. You’re right a buckler will probably be a better choice than a regular shield, and make more sense with a variety of different, specialized parries.

  10. The rage art is the knight push-kicking the opponent away, pulling out their longsword, and ending them rightly!

  11. (I'm casual) Since when has Feng been op?I swear he was considered trash last year

  12. iirc it was a very gradual incline for feng. It wasn’t until earlier this year his op’ness was recognized

  13. In what world is Feng op? Tekken players will call literally anyone who’s high tier or above “op,” lmao. Launch Leroy was op, Feng most definitely isn’t that

  14. I feel the term op and who is and isn’t that is debatable and most likley varies from person to person. Personally i would say he has alot of good tools or rather, better versions of the tools most characters have. While i do understand and sometimes agree with the arguments that he’s just really strong but not op, i think he WAS op before patch 5.01. But that’s my humble opinion

  15. It’s hard not to do the law/Bruce lee noises when i end a combo or do a parry

  16. Not a dumb question, just a matter of lack of information.

  17. I need some description of this ticket fence! Also, is there a password? If so, is it dooing the kcd infront of her Window?

  18. Did you find tickets? I'm looking too and can't find anything.

  19. Haven’t found anything yet sadly :( i’ll let you know if i do! Please do the same if u find something before me x)

  20. Den finaste eg vet by hellbillies is quite beautiful

  21. maybe you need to progress a little further in main quests?

  22. My current main objective is to meet the german knight at the sasau inn.

  23. I think you should be able to start the mentioned quest soon after starting this main objective or shortly after finishing it.

  24. Yes the invader can go into a co op match and no there is only one invader

  25. For parrying cavaliere, nero’s ground shuffle move is pretty much fool proof for parrying

  26. oh cheers :D i do remember seeing it directly ingame for sure :D

  27. I think it show’s up once in game at the «start»

  28. yo i'm looking at it right now, it's there for sure. maybe you gotta exit from a playline but when i run KCD and am in main menu, there's DLCs option and all DLCs are described

  29. Think i figured out why the tournament symbol is out near sasau. Isn’t it the blacksmith’s son you avenge or something?

  30. My DSS is finally getting better also after maining Law for 2 years or so now. Never even thought of doing ws 3 into poison arrow. That looked sick!!!

  31. Anytime I see a long ladder, I leave “Snake? Snake!”

  32. My friend is getting annoyed with me because i sing the start of snake eater at. Every. ladder.

  33. I'd like to see someone defeat an entire level with just air taunts. Might be possible with the one shot death difficulty level.

  34. I believe there is a trophy for beating mission 11 with nothing equipped on Dante and only beating the level and cavaliere with only royal guard/air taunt. Funny thing is this trophy iirc doesn’t count SDT as a weapon. So you can just RG to gain STD and then just pop that to kill enemies/the boss

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