1. Im confident 🤣 just like a mini computer, do you know what size thermal pads i will need ive seen someone replace the rtx 3080 by palit looks the exact same and they were 0.5mm so will the 3070 be them same?

  2. Oh,keep the pads I think. Otherwise I have no clue. They should be fine tho. I assume you don't have much good paste in the center of the die.

  3. I have read alot about people having to repaste and re thermal pad and with new thermal pads thems dropped significantly, should i try just a re paste first or re paste and re thermal pad?

  4. First try just paste because padding can affect temps negatively.

  5. Overkill PSU and CPU cooler. I suppose it's upgradable. You could've bought a win10 key for like 10$.

  6. The 7800 XT ("7900 XT") is expensive this gen so I hope these will be half decent value.

  7. I'm starting to wonder if Amazon warehouse workers are doing this on purpose to try to hurt Amazon. A death by a thousand cuts sort of thing.

  8. Nah they're probably just being overworked to exhaustion so they get confused.

  9. People out here running benchmarks with 60fps frame cap smh

  10. Kepler aged horribly, a real cash grab architecture

  11. For real. My 760 was terrible by 2015. Some games like dark souls 3 and the Witcher 3 ran better on the HD 7950 3GB that I would've gotten instead if not for it being older and slightly slower in titles at the time. In the long run Kepler had shit DX12 and Vulkan support so it sucked ass. Many new games have artificats and run like crap. And they won't fix it.

  12. And to think HD 7870 was trashing the 660 Ti, 760 and quite often, the 960.

  13. Yeah my friend had gone with the 7870 XT and is still using it to this day.

  14. I don't think you need to camp overnight if you pre order the card (if that becomes available) plus it's an AMD card so if stock is good it should be a lot easier to buy than a 4090.

  15. Like I said on the previous post Turkey is the strongest.

  16. Oh nice, the 20~ or so ARC owners with custom loop PCs must be pretty excited.

  17. Pretty good, overclocked to 4.95 GHz as it is remains just under 30 ° C (86 ° F) while idle and doesn't get over 65 ° C (149 ° F) while gaming.

  18. Nope because you're still overclocking within the manufacturers specs and limits. Unless you bypass those limits. A GTX 1650 barely draws any power and doesn't use PCIE cables so it would be challenging to kill it without modifying it.

  19. Dude, that's EXACTLY why you should limit it!

  20. I think limiting the framerate in each game and tweaking the settings instead is better. That way you won't sacrifice frametimes and encounter less framedrops.

  21. Well, it's your setup so you do what you want, but you're burning a extra power and creating extra heat that has to be dissipated.

  22. I'm currently using an RX 6800 XT which is undervolted and OCd. It works a bit different than Nvidia. I've got like 4 GPUs at home though each with their own settings.

  23. "land we stole" by fighting invading Arab armies in 1948 and 1967,yes.

  24. Yes, thank you for confirming my point. It's against international law to move settlers into land taken in war.

  25. Then what did the Arab armies had to gain had they won in 1967? After all it's illegal under international law 🤓

  26. EDIT: Updated on ASUS TUF X570 PLUS. Can't use Curve Optimizer.

  27. Turkey is strongest simply because it has a huge modern army and it's navy and air force is really good. it has a flourishing drones industry-plus it's a NATO member so it's basically untouchable.

  28. These are the acts that prelude the Israeli actions... There's a reason Israel was in Lebanon.

  29. This reminds me of when I was in basic training in Zikim,and we got attacked by mortars and rockets from Hamas, (the Gaza strip is only 2km~ from Zikim),the Iron Dome intercepted everything,but the mortar explosions seemed extremely close. We came out of the shelters and found out that our dorms were littered with sharpnels.

  30. Nice! I was really looking into getting a 6600xt variant of some kind for my daughter's setup until I got a great deal on a 5700xt .. THEN I found a great deal on a used RX 6800 and so wife got her RX 550 2GB replaced with my daughter's 5700xt .. and my daughter got my 6700xt

  31. Bruh your wife and daughters all have their own GPUs? I'm out here sharing my 6800 XT with a family of 5 lmao.

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