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  1. That reward goes to Battlefield 1 in my opinion. As a reminder we don’t purchase any games until they’re finished.

  2. And since no one was home to let the dog out , it promptly took a shit on the sofa.

  3. After it took a shot it sat back comfortably on the couch and thought to itself …

  4. It’s past the wall the picture is very misleading

  5. Just so everyone knows, this is what happens when you pay for your child’s lifestyle their whole lives instead of letting them struggle a little bit to appreciate the hard work and accomplishments.

  6. You can see the video is edited, he gets the cuts really close but when he’s coming down the first time the vid cuts.

  7. Gold is also scarce, and it causes people to scramble to be the first ones to the cut, they don’t “slow down” because it’s scarce, but instead speed up due to self interest and human condition.

  8. Very good explanation. So your saying we're fucked and greed will always be the driving force. Damn humans are retarded.

  9. If you compare the world today and the world 160-200 years ago, ide argue things are getting marginally better. We still have much to overcome as a humanity. That’s for sure.

  10. I said one comment about a certain group that was largely innocent and got a 7 day Reddit ban.

  11. Saying things like that helps no one, if you have an argument worth presenting than perhaps you should be identifying the SPECIFIC people you have a problem with, not putting the entire group in a box.

  12. Get the fuck out now is definitely the proper thing to do here. Train wreck waiting to happen

  13. Red flags all around, first off she didn’t seem to care about marriage when she got pregnant by some other dude. unless he’s dead she should be trying to work things out with baby daddy. For the sake of the kid.

  14. That would be obnoxious af. Suppression is already annoying and random as is.

  15. The self importance of this woman, basically saying her reaction is more interesting than the launch… sad. Speaks volumes honestly

  16. Most hobbies have a point, rather than just flipping a switch and leaving the room.

  17. Seems fine from this distance. Check for cracks, make sure it’s snug on there, and put her back together

  18. You saved me some time by typing that so now I’m typing this.

  19. DeSantis doesn’t need much promotion with these guys doing it for him.

  20. https://www.flgov.com/2022/07/07/governor-ron-desantis-announces-record-surplus-for-fiscal-year-2021-22/

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