1. How are people not talking about Elektra Shock doing the most incredible interpretive dance performances, so well that Michelle said she should perform with Sia, and still gets put in the bottom over..... Karen who made a single balloon animal and Art who, umm, ate?

  2. >Silky and Icesis are the winners and they both lip-sync for their pleasure to be the one to eliminate Stephanie because they both hate her

  3. The Black Dragon funny enough was a boss I got stuck in on my first play through when I was like 9yrs old.I retelling my friend and he's like... Well let me watch, he sat quiet, watched me fight this thing and die 3 times, had lunch came back and I beat him! Thanks Jake!

  4. So the Porre Officer is Norris, but the blonde weirdo you use to break into the manor is Pierre.

  5. So the Porre Officer is Norris, but the blonde weirdo you use to break into the manor is Pierre.

  6. Imagine this also being a non elimination season....

  7. Okay but even then there was this one Scandanavian queen in Ukraine who was so androgynous that archaeologists couldn't really definitively tell what she was biologically and could only make a guess by her pelvis that she was likely a really butch woman.

  8. Honestly, I'm beginning to understand that 'Versus the World' seasons are just messy as fuck and they are supposed to; they're like the anti-AS7 seasons.

  9. I think the issue (mostly with Thailand) is a lack of English speaking queens, and that SUCKS. Annee Maywong would demolish a vTW series but idk if she can speak English which unfortunately is the language these seasons will be in.

  10. Yeah, that's the moment when the game takes a hard turn and just starts going crazy

  11. Is... is that Chrono Cross with Ocarina of Time on the bottom?

  12. As far as I know CC had a pretty smooth development rythm all the way up to

  13. Especially since there was a LOT more planned for Guile's plot that got cut

  14. Are we exited for Friday Chacharinnas?❤️ Finally our talented wig artist and amazing drag icon will come back as a secret contestant to snatch that crown as she should 💋

  15. She's been retroactively crowned winner of seasons 2 and 4. Iconic!

  16. It's Raven doing a bit about being a perennial runner-up that leads into the Naomi runway walk off on stage. Naomi is not a judge. Just doing a pop in mini-challenge tease.

  17. I think if they were doing a perennial runner up gag theyd use Jujubee, plus it would be a hilarious fake out that she was being cast YET AGAIN.

  18. How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man‽

  19. are we sure its not 8 contestants again and icesis is hosting ? i dont see why she would compete if its not all winners

  20. I mean if we’re going by the logic of being able to judge people you beat them Brooke can still judge Silky and Rajah

  21. True, I was just thinking of in terms of season winning.

  22. is it problematic to think icesis' appearance as a contestant is a bit unfair? like girl LEAVE. your money didn't even get taxed let poor Krystal or Lawrence come back.

  23. I wonder if they're gonna do some format gaggery like Icesis (Canada) vs everyone else (the world)

  24. if they do something fun about it i'm 100% cool but if it's a Bebe type of moment where she just came back to compete like normal All Stars, that would be a huge missed opportunity for Canada.

  25. I can't imagine they would have a reigning queen competing on a regular all stars.

  26. Not the newest, but totally serviceable. They were produced up until 2011

  27. Just installed the android auto system under the rear seats in a 2017 REX last week and works like a dream without putting wires through the car:

  28. Only took 30mins to install under back seat. I guess the glove box is easier to get access to the usb port that comes on a circa 1.5m cable. (Mines fine for me available in the boot/trunk) 🙂 if it's 2017 or before you shouldn't have a problem installing under rear seats 🙂

  29. Oh good, I just got a 2015 so that should make things easier.

  30. I mean the caption is right, but it's the sexualization of women in general.

  31. You know it's real because there's no Bloodborne port

  32. Go into the configuration file in your Documents folder, change the resolution to 480p or 240p, use classic graphics, download Magpie (

  33. Honestly, my biggest issue is the backgrounds, you either get super pixelated with almost unreadable text, or a blurry mess.

  34. I think because of how much inflation is rising, an increase in the prize money was inevitable

  35. IIRC Trixie mentioned that after taxes, the prize money was roughly the same as a moderately popular Ru girl would make in bookings during the same time, so it makes sense that they'd have to increase it

  36. I'm sure it'll support ReShade right out the gate. There are many color-blind presets you can download and tweak that work universally.

  37. Ooooh I wanna see how it looks with a raytracing filter

  38. I want that cut Miquella twinblade they found in the code. Shit looks awesome

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