1. It’s still gonna happen, just not yet. I mean, they announced it on their earnings call.

  2. You should be able to turn the first one back in and just get one that’s $12 more.

  3. I think he was stuck due to excessive downforce from that wing.

  4. Couldn’t care less about any LIV guys.

  5. Why? They have a great BMS that handles all of that.

  6. For me it would be useful so that I know when or if to pre-condition the vehicle. Obviously, if I’ve been driving it for a while but have parked for a relatively short time, it’s ok to hop back in and drive off. Otherwise, I’m trying to determine if it needs to get warmed up. The BMS system, albeit automatic, provides me with no advisory regarding the battery temp.

  7. I always precon if the car has been sitting, especially if it’s cold. I also want the interior heated/cooled.

  8. This seems to be bigger than the average tiny home.

  9. Have they even delivered any yet?

  10. Jorts, Skid Row tank top, dew rag.

  11. Just a deep breath and a prayer….

  12. My son’s band, based in Philly.

  13. Call rental company and tell them the van is being towed and to contact the renter.

  14. 💯 for Sir Nick. Will miss him this year.

  15. Amazon, you used to be the popular kid in high school. Now you're old, fat, and lazy. What happened to you??

  16. Latest update: it’s now been shipped further south in NJ, away from my house.

  17. Amazon is making excuses. Are you that surprised?

  18. She is in severe danger of falling apart. She hasn't moved from that spot in I think 30 years. They are constantly patching her holes and parts of the lower decks are filled with water that cannot be pumped out. They need $25 million to dredge her out of the mud and stick her in drydock to fix BUT despite her heritage and history very few people even knows she exists. The current caretakers of the ship are horrible at fundraising or raising awareness of her plight. They are too busy renting out her interior for weddings and other events and none of the money ever seems to go to the ship.

  19. I guess I better get over there this year to visit…

  20. There’s a sub and a 4-masted ship as well. I plan to go this summer.

  21. I read somewhere that the competition is expected to be Jets, Raiders, Colts and Tennessee. I’m not worried about the Colts (cant see Rodgers wanting to go there) and hopefully Raiders go with Brady. Tennessee could be primary competition.

  22. I heard he had property in Nashville. I would think Devante Adams would be an attraction for him for LV.

  23. If I were Ultimate Truck Performance, I think I’d ask him to remove my company name.

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