1. Source: David Attenborough's Rarest Creatures Documentary

  2. Absolutely vibrant and exploding with life, great work!!

  3. Watching these honestly helps my own technique. Big fan as always.

  4. Your heart is in the right place young master, but memes cannot be cast into the void. For that is where all memes dwell.

  5. Great shading, especially on the hat. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s the strike from Merry’s barrow-blade (received from Tom bombadil after being saved from the barrow downs) that weakens the witch king into a mortal being.

  7. Do me a favor and do not use an inch travel indicator to tram a table. Go get a test indicator. That is the proper gauge to use. They have far less play and if you put it on an articulated test indicator arm in the spindle of the machine you can check both X and Y tram at the same time simply by putting the knee mill in neutral and spinning the spindle by hand.

  8. Watching OP get eaten alive in the comments like 🍿

  9. Depending on if you want to use exploits you can level up quickly by killing Greyoll repeatedly, all it takes is having Torrent and a Bleed weapon. (I usually use the Flail as its AoW continues to buildup Bleed pretty rapidly even without FP)

  10. Can you explain the exploit that makes Greyoll respawn?

  11. I love that this community all knows who this is

  12. Wow... Makes you think, right? Maybe the real megalophobia was the megalophobia we made along the way...

  13. Love the smearing and smudge of lines you’re working in these days

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