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  1. I’ve been shedding lesser now but these few days i’ve been getting that itchy feelings again. I’m scared I will shed more like before 😕

  2. Me too. 😕 Hopefully it's the last lil pulse and it'll be back to normal. 🤞

  3. Taylor Swift. She's great at writing earworms that infiltrate your taste in music and ruin your ability to listen to anything else for a week after she drops a new single. I hate it.

  4. Cantaloupe! It used to be my fruit enemy but now we're friends.

  5. I shed considerably more from my left side than right side.

  6. I challenged the valuation earlier this year and successfully dropped it from $328,000 to $295,000. The assessor for my area was great to work with and didn't need to visit our house. I spent a lot of time cleaning the house to take photos of our rooms and areas I felt lowered the value of the house (e.g., crumbling sidewalks, rotten wood). I also put together a spreadsheet of similar houses in the neighborhood and their valuations for comparison.

  7. Reach is always a gamble. I'm guessing today was a bad reach day based on all the threads about DM problems. I posted a reel that I absolutely loved and it tanked HARD.

  8. I think they're called Guides. Instagram never really promoted it.

  9. The one on the right is clearly a professional in the making!

  10. That's your standard triangulated wild bun formation. Classic takeover strategy.

  11. Same here, I used to consistently get at least 2,000 views and now I'm lucky to get 100.

  12. All the time. My bun is currently giving me the silent treatment with the "F you" foot flicks.

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