1. It’s a shame the items aren’t listed by show/movie/whatever.

  2. This is a generalization. The house used for the Dunphys is in Cheviot Hills, CA. The average home price in that area is $3.7M.

  3. Sheldon and Bernadette’s father getting trashed on a single six-pack of beer on Thanksgiving.

  4. They needed a pop culture reference for the line and thought “we’ve mentioned BSG why not Caprica?”

  5. We had one in our elementary school in the early-mid 70s.

  6. I should dig out my old TNE version and build a ship or two

  7. Had time to look at T4 and TNE versions…not sure which one would take longer.

  8. In TOS' "The Cage" (original pilot), Pike said the crew complement was 203. It became about 430 under Kirk which, in the show's timeline, would be about a decade later.

  9. I like the fan theory that adding more crew required a refit that made quarters, including Pike’s, much smaller.

  10. Watching it right now. You’re right.

  11. I agree. I’ve always thought Sheldon was being unreasonable here, but when is he not unreasonable?

  12. I’m curious if the show itself (acting, plots, etc) were bad, if the Belarusians didn’t like the concept of the show or if it was considered too American.

  13. Actually (said in Howard’s imitation of Sheldon’s voice) the guys merely established the conditions and Dennis did the rest. They were surprised it actually worked.

  14. Might as well retire his number and raise a banner now.

  15. Many Americans also use apostrophes correctly

  16. I couldn’t figure out how to work that into my post.

  17. I was surprised too, but yes, this is live

  18. This one’s synched too. Keep your eyes on her lips and watch Benny’s hands on the keyboard.

  19. We finished watching this episode four minutes ago.

  20. Sheldon is gonna even madder than he was with Dennis Kim.

  21. There’s a half bath downstairs near the kitchen.

  22. Newkirk (Richard Dawson) sitting with General Burkhalter (Leon Askin)

  23. Grocery stores are the problem in that area if you want to be walkable…there aren’t any nearby. A

  24. I learned DGX is just rebranded downtown-specific dollar general. Same company and everything

  25. DGX is a smaller footprint store with additional produce sections like a traditional grocery store.

  26. It was never mentioned again. I don’t think it was even brought up when they went to Paris.

  27. “You’re playing an FBI agent. You’re playing an FBI agent. This whole apartment is playing an FBI agent.”

  28. This was S1E5. He’ll be on again in E10 (the finale). He offered Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) a job so maybe he’ll be back for S2.

  29. "The balloon floated over I-24 where it got stuck in traffic for two hours before being shot down in a suspected road-rage incident involving a Nissan Altima which then fled the scene."

  30. Don’t get involved with Michael…or Chad for that matter.

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