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  1. I'd have to go with one, not without trauma thoo, I would need them all :( I love all the different writting they give off, makes my notes more easy to read

  2. How to realize that your parents have been sold to the system long gone

  3. I think your GF is more severely handicaped than your asorable sister who just needs help to be able to LIVE. Literally trash GF, get her out of your way. Your sister condition will never just go away, you need someone with you that is enough kind hearted to understand that and support you in this process. This wasn't easy for you, but she didn't cared, only cared about herself. I hope you do something about this ASAP

  4. People like him do not deserve to live, pray his money last long enough cause his downfall is awaiting

  5. For Soulfist, applies to both engravings : when you see me glowing purple, I don't think you can miss it

  6. And it's completely counter productive, because no one wants their hands wet in piss you just roll that thing up 20x what you would normally do. Thats Idiocy at work my friends

  7. And you being a woman is also just a state of mind, ever thought about it dereck ? Jesus..

  8. I don't have parents, is he gonna provide that as well ? LOL

  9. And thats adding the packaging and the air within on top of it lol

  10. Abd thats adding the packaging and the air within on top of it lol

  11. He delivered it without the proper tools for something this big, maybe stop buying at Amazon ? You are the problem lol not him

  12. These people must be on coke all day to be so naive, where the hell did they found the money to fund this company in the first place ?? Cause to me it sounds like this isn't the first VERY bad decision these individuals took in their life

  13. The thing with this type of logic is that the boss is completely disregarding the employees life, I bet they'll be surprised when you at your turn you also start to disregard their business

  14. They forgot one, No costumer allowed, fuck off

  15. I've had that happen with University refeerals lol, these PHD are too busy to write you a paper but they'll sign anything without giving it a lecture first lol. Granted you need to be in their good grace for it to happen but yea, I've said some pretty nice things about myself this way x)

  16. Same happened to me and my friend, we play duo aura bot, we we're in a 100% Deli and managed to get 10 out of it

  17. And for that reason I thank God to be born Canadian and not american, I'd probably be homeless in the US (orphan)

  18. 90 days Fiancé and Path of Exile

  19. I’m the bad one because WFH employees don’t want to be monitored during the hours they are being paid to work? They’ve already been given the generous option to work from home which is saving them time and money, but, gee it’s almost like they have something to hide when working from home…I wonder what that could be?

  20. It's not a generous option, thats where we disagree I think. For my office it was a profit, they were renting an office close to 10K a month, now they don't have to pay this anymore, so I think it's generous indeed, but rather towards the bosses, since they have now more money in their hand and our salary didn't move up the slightest

  21. The money you’ve saved on travel, childcare, etc., is a benefit to you, not the employer. Would it be right for the employer to pay you less, because you’re saving money? The fact that they’re not having to pay $10K/month anymore is why your wages haven’t been dinged.

  22. What I save is nothing compared to what they save, and im in Canada, not the US, here basic stuff of life are more commonly covered in general by the gov. Also salary is sealed in a contract, if they want to lower it this could get me access to unemployement the time for me to find a new job. I as an employee am much more volatile within a company I don't own than the boss of the said company, therefore who should you try to accomodate more ? The boss or the employee

  23. This shouldn't even be a fucking damn question !!!!! These are 2 humans beings ! People are disgusting.. Jesus

  24. You did not voluntary resigned, your boss lied to you, this is on their hand, not yours

  25. The people behind the curtains taking such decision, I just hope they're aware that they've sealed their destiny to hell. Idiots

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