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  1. No nut November sounds like it might be quite a bit longer for these guys.

  2. Thank you. Im surprised this is that far down in the comments.

  3. I fully expect them to release some really nice skins with the Brimstone Sands. Well.. I say that, and we got literal dog shit at the launch of the game. BUT THIS TIME IT'LL BE DIFFERENT!

  4. As if that piece of shit car is really the reason rent went up on your mother. Property Value is fucking skyrocketing right now because no one wants to fucking let go of their 2-4% interest rate loans. Hell, as far as you know - his increase in rent may not even equal the increase in fucking taxes from the raised land value.

  5. I would have ran that fuck over, ducked down. Fuck my car, fuck your car.

  6. You're welcome to fuck all religion, but what do you intend to replace it with? I'm supposed to respect some moral code you pulled out of your ass more so than something that has worked pretty well for thousands of years? Where is the atheist Nirvana? Sure as shit not in Detroit, Paris, or London.

  7. This is internet, worse yet, reddit. Trying to defend religion, much less inform people of its historical significance is an exercise in futility.

  8. I love the fact this person is wearing a Blizzard shirt. Employee or just a fan of the NuBlizz Rainbow - just goes to show how far the company has fallen away from the core Warhammer Universe mindset.

  9. This has happened at my g/f's work place and I keep telling her over and over that she needs to find some place else to work. But noooo dont believe a third opinion. She keeps telling me "Theyre trying to find someone else. Its just really hard to find someone." Meanwhile the positions require no minimum skills or experience, and are doing jack and shit with the applications they get.

  10. No government official seems to understand that Salaried positions and Commission positions need an entire rework on whats legal and whats not legal in terms of pay. Employees in both of these pay scales can still be taken advantage of and most of the time, the employees just arent in the position to fight back.

  11. Can take the trash out of the hood, but its still trash.

  12. If I see an Ipad or similar at the counter - I consider whether I really need to shop there or not. That doesnt even sound sane when I think about it, but I feel hostile when they turn it around and expect a 20%+ tip for putting one item in a bag.

  13. Fat americans mad at their gob'ment for doing things that let them be fat americans. "EVIL GOVERNMENT BAD!"

  14. You're all jumping on the black vs white train, when clearly this version of the Little Mermaid is just fucking ugly and thats all I'm seeing out of this meme. Just like the Fairy in Pinocchio, she was just ugly. There are beautiful black people that can easily be cast into these roles, but this is like some double racism situation. On one hand, we have a black person playing a role that is traditionally white. But at the same time, we have an ugly black person that is playing the role.. insinuating that all black people are ugly. Like... what the fk is going on here?...

  15. Countries that arent sure they'll have enough power to heat all of their citizens through the winter are now bad mouthing Americans for being obese. News at 11, folks.

  16. Leggings have have -10 pixelation. 'Dat ass? +1000 pixelation.

  17. Theres something missing there.. I just cant put my finger on it.

  18. I really hope the world finds a way to stop using politicians or similar, as theyre all just corrupt at this point. Hope those that were there at this bridges collapse are fine.

  19. Or we could just start blaming airlines for packing people in like sardines, but w/e.

  20. Any dealer, independent or franchised, is going to try to make the most money that they can off of any single purchase. Thats what theyre in business for. Independents will generally be cheaper, but the likelihood of you buying a "problem" vehicle, on average, goes wayyyyy up. "You get what you paid for" has never rang more true.

  21. Happened to me when I subconsciously thought "She'd never go for me, I'm too old!" Then that overwhelming dread hit where I had like a mid-life crisis. You know, the kind of thing that Leonardo Dicaprio has yet to find in his 50's?

  22. As if AT&T and Verizon have room to talk? This merger doesnt need to happen, but the other two need to be taken down a peg themselves. The rich using the US Government to fight against other rich people is just insane.

  23. I like how "dog whistle" has became so popular, lately.

  24. Poplar Forest is a pretty good nursery to find herbs etc. and the couple that runs it will order stuff for you if you're looking for something in particular. Watch out for their cat though, it got after my g/f while we were there lol.

  25. In all fairness to Virginia, we host the FBI, many military bases, the CIA, the Pentagon, and a lot of sensitive areas. A lot of politicians and Federal public figures, including Supreme Court Justices, live here as well, so it's always swarming with cops.

  26. In all fairness to your post, Virginia is like the poster child for a police state.

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