1. Not having an only fans now a days tbh

  2. Ty! 🖤 do you have any posts or anything of your car anywhere? Would love to see it!

  3. Just put a pic on my profile header! its snowy here in buffalo currently im paranoid to drive it because not sure how good the tires are in snow 😂 drove it friday tho a bit & im so obsessed 💙

  4. Wow that's a beautiful blue!! I can totally understand why you would be obsessed, do you have any mods planned or gonna keep it stock? Don't wanna mess up the baby in the snow already I gotcha

  5. Rapid remover and a razer blade

  6. they remind me of those weird gearlocks that were limited, i can’t remember anything past that tho

  7. Interesting thanks for the info!!

  8. Reading your comments you seem like a 16 year old that's going to end up in a ditch somewhere. Get a roll cage for that soft top, get a bumper, and if you're going to drift take to it a course or track. "Street drifting" as you keep saying is how you hurt yourself or others.

  9. Need to shoot my GF with this plz bungo

  10. Definitely not the place for this...put some clothes on

  11. Sounds to me like it needs new calipers on the front. U may have one hanging on you. Replace both at the same time.

  12. That's partially what I had in mind but was hoping that wasn't the case since calipers can be kinda up there in price :/ is there any good way to test calipers that you know of to confirm it could be this?

  13. Drive around car get it hot… bring it in Jack up the front of the car and see how easy the tires are to spin. Should be relatively easy. Or take the tires off and inspect the brake pads they should all be wearing the same. If u have one that is thinner than the others u have found the culprit. Remember if u replace…. Replace both.

  14. Sounds good, appreciate the advice! Definitely got it written down to change both

  15. Love your cosplays! Not often someone actually does the entire suite and not just the body suit...well done love you

  16. I really wanted to put my all into this one and get the cosplay to be as accurate as I could. Thanks for appreciating it!!

  17. No no thank you for taking that extra and doing it justice!!!

  18. Its not craftable any weapon can drop with a red border doesn’t mean it’s craftable the border is just there to give you some currency

  19. Thanks for the info! I have been away for a long time so wasn't sure if I was missing something :)

  20. There is no frame for Eyasluna, you cant craft it.

  21. Thank you for the response! I have been away from destiny 2 for a long time so I wasn't sure if I missed something.

  22. Lemme find out where to buy!

  23. I could definitely setup an Etsy page if enough are interested or just in contact with you to work something out!

  24. Nice! Do you miss it at all? This is a 1999 at heart with parts from every 4th gen lmao

  25. Where'd you get the Akina speedstars decal? And do they have a redsuns one?

  26. I made it, pretty easy vinyl cut! I have seen them on Etsy/Amazon though

  27. Yea that's why I never go to the one in Clayton, the one in Smithfield in the little shopping center near Walmart is where it's at!

  28. Wonder if I took my meds or not

  29. Pretty simple, just take the horn out of ur after market steering wheel, unstick the original logo that was there, print off the picture you want I used photo paper place it in the middle and glue it down then pour resin over top to create that nice bubble over it! Just be careful when pouring if you get to much it will fall over the edge and ruin ur button

  30. Lmao you're pathetic dude go reee at women for not doing things the way you want some more lol

  31. Coming from the dude that has one insult in his book lmAo go touch grass my guy instead of looking up old attention whore posts can't imagine your wife would be happy knowing you looked this up seeing how it wasn't recent enough to be at the top anymore

  32. Its the internet lmao shit pops up, you're the one stalking women's shit reeeing when they don't do what you want for no reason lol I showed my wife, She said she thought she looked hot. Lmao you're so sad dude just reaching for assumptions and petty shit to try n make me mad to deflect from how pissy you are at being called an incel for acting like one. But please lol try some more 🤣

  33. Yes clearly this super super popular and well known cosplayer would just pop up :) using the same insult again, just proving how simple minded you are it's like talking to a brick wall here. Make sure to tell your right hand nicknamed wifey hi for me, gonna mute your dumbass now <3 thanks for laughs!

  34. The fact that you consider the other cosplays as well proves my point and so does your -5 on that last little "legit" cosplay comment. Sorry darling, this ain't cosplay but whatever you need to tell yourself to stay blind from what your actually doing :D

  35. You as well profile stalker :)

  36. Pontiac Phoenix. Built on the GM X Body along with the Chevy Nova, the Buick Skylark and others.

  37. Interesting! I can see the similarities to the nova, neat to see one around. Never seen one before.

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