“I admire the individual investors, and institutional Wall Street mocks them,” Mr. Cohen said. “Frankly, it makes me sick.”

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  1. LPT: If you are ever in an encounter with the police, and the police at any time yell "This street is where my children play!", you are super fucked.

  2. “Do you have jurisdiction here?”

  3. Just goes to show everything related to economics and finance is just fraud. Pull back the curtain; fraud. Strip off the wall paper; fraud. Look under the bed; fraud. Open the closet; fraud. Get caught just pay a small fine and while not admitting fault so that you can keep on doing it.

  4. so the silt and sediment that's going to be released when the damn is deconstructed..scientists actually worried this will do far more harm at this point to salon population..

  5. There are actually some really good videos on YouTube about dam removals and dealing with the silt. A well planned demolition can very rapidly flush the silt out having a minimal immediate impact and zero long term impact.

  6. Fair enough. Personally I'm not so sure since she bit the hand that fed her.

  7. Those hands are also doing some shady activities as well - if they get caught I’m sure they would love to use a light sentence on Holmes as precedent for their own sentencing.

  8. I hear ya. But her sentence was 11 years, 3 months, plus 3 years of supervision after release. Unless she gets it appealed, that doesn't seem light to me. Except the fine, which was a total joke at $400.

  9. It seems really light to me. There are plenty of people serving much longer sentences for stealing $500 or smoking a joint. She frauded billions of dollars into corrupt hands, falsified medical tests which patients used for treatment, falsified financial records, falsified securities reporting and that is just the stuff that is known and has been proven. I guarantee there are multiple deaths that occurred due to her actions (mistreatments, no treatments, suicides from losing money, etc) but for some reason people think 11 years is “being tough on crime”. It’s a farce in my mind.

  10. This is subtle fud. It’s not like what other pubs “avoid gme with a 10-foot pole.”

  11. FUD with Aunt Delores’ make up on it’s face.

  12. I always thought it would be great to have a widget on the GameStop investor relations page with daily or hourly updates showing number of CS accounts and quantity of shares held.

  13. Would you mind elaborating? I'm genuinely curious about this.

  14. In the quadrillions of quintillions of years that matter will exist were in the first 1% and life exists here so…

  15. So we’re the boomers of life in the universe?

  16. Might be more like the first multicellular organisms on earth comparison to life in the universe timeline.

  17. 25% were completely suspicious. But people were pushing them through anyways. It was as much on the banks as the fraudsters. The banks just wanted to get dollars out the door knowing the government would make them whole at the end no matter what.

  18. You should see the new vacation homes built around the lake!

  19. Talk to a couple employment lawyers. This sounds like straight up retaliation for refusal to cross ethical boundaries

  20. Free loan to hedgies until January.

  21. [[Serra Ascendant]] [[Ornithopter]] [[Phyrexian Walker]]

  22. A is a very good chess player. Dad passed when I was 22 so she unfortunately never got to meet him

  23. Wow those are the most pertinent details in the whole story. “I know you have a passion for the same thing as the grandfather you never got to meet; but your half sister liked how it looked so I gave her the chess set that YOUR grandfather made”

  24. I would rather live in the rubble than under the yoke.

  25. Geoguesser has been training people. Someone's about to find where you live just from this photo op

  26. His loss is just collateral damage of the parents actions. He should be angry at them.

  27. A child can't abandon her parent. She obviously grew up feeling he did not care for her and was not there for her.

  28. Replace abandon with jettisoned. She ejected him from her life multiple ways - he respected that and stopped trying to force himself into her life. Sounds like her loss to me.

  29. This dude let his young daughter move out of state, then when she, a child, did not take on the onus of keeping up contact with him, threw his hands up and said "oh well". Then married someone very close to her age. Yeah, her loss for sure.

  30. So he should have fought tooth and nail to prevent his ex wife from moving and force his daughter to spend time with him? He should have taken them all to court to make sure he gets what he wants when he wanted it?

  31. Trying to get some “preheritance” is my guess.

  32. You’ll need to direct register the shares with Hasbro’s transfer agent to be recognized by the company as a share holder regarding any voting or business proposals. Holding shares with a brokerage will not suffice as those shares are in “street name” and the company has no line of sight to your claim of ownership.

  33. That’s awesome! How big is your colony?

  34. Anyone else read the headline as “Credit Suisse’s toxic asset contagion has spread to 20 additional banks”

  35. It’s their collateral plug. If collateral is negative then pump price of hkd until collateral total >=0

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