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  1. Yeah but those two have reasons to be liked while Cinder has various reasons towards the contrary.

  2. Yeaa tbh I kinda stopped after the whole visiting the blakes parents volume… so al I remember about cinder is she killed pyra and then got short haired and turned into a pirate

  3. I love me some Nimbus Clouds, but because they are licensed they won't be around forever. Rift-to-Go's could remain unvaulted if Epic so chose, but knowing them enough they would only come back temporarily. :confused:

  4. I csnt wait till the mythics go… the smash is fuckjng annoying. Especially since you can’t really defend against it, unlike the kamehameha. Since the guardian shield can block the kamehameha without breaking a sweat

  5. Much like skyrim…..aahh the modding community of all games. Fixing and improving companies games

  6. Gotta say the power up transformation for gohan emote needs to be flip flopped… like if any of you have it…it’s annoying how its designed

  7. what a tosser, put him in the back the stupid dog starva

  8. Yea let the dogs drive instead!! Make the human( if you can call it that) sit out in the cold

  9. It’d be a shame if you followed him home and set a quick fire under his truck

  10. Damned thatd be a real shame to accidentally drop a bar on his legs as well

  11. Am i wrong though, honestly draw Sauda like that and Isab will fall over nosebleeding so yeah

  12. There was a meme about every great hero has their downfall, Samson from the bible weakness was cutting his hair, Achilles was getting shot in his heel, and ISAB according to this meme his weakness would be 1 TB of Sauda rule 34 art so yeah

  13. Ahhhhh….well I can’t fault anyone for weaknesses… my weakness would be 1TB of tomboy catgirl….with a bit of abs…

  14. Why do people choose pixel art and then tween the shit of it? Those aliased animations looks ugly as sin.

  15. Tomboy hooter….NOW!! If there is a god out there..I need a tomboy hooters pls

  16. Ya know once you said this, my mind thought it was an actual female steve rogers. Like he got gender bent

  17. While the looks of the girls is definitely upped…I can’t say I don’t approve…more so of females like Pixie-Bob….and I’m totally not biased in that opinion in the least…

  18. Huh never really noticed the changes of the girls from manga to anime….

  19. No rudy was a pedo before being reincarnated.

  20. In America he would of been spending the next 5 years if not more in jail

  21. Do people not lock their doors?? I always see videos like this and wonder why people don’t lock thier doors even when driving

  22. She sued the police department, they settled for an undisclosed amount and made policy changes. The cop did not lose his job and is still an active patrolman

  23. I definitely wouldnt settle. Id make it my lifes mission to get this cop dibarred or never allowed to work in any type of law enforcement/security ever again

  24. I remember our French teacher throwing a chair at a student, although it didn't hit him. To be fair the student was being a prick and goading him.

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