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  1. In Metagross's case, the Mega stats go mostly towards defense.

  2. I do nothing as the infinite amount of people collapse into a black hole, destroying the trolley.

  3. Too busy in the middle without anything going on in the sides.

  4. The vacuum of space makes getting rid of extra heat difficult. White suits reflect more sunlight to limit the excess heat.

  5. What is CWD? I can and will look it up later. But I wouldn't mind a layman explanation from someone who sounds like they can deliver it amusingly.

  6. Chronic Wasting Disease - Mad cow disease but for deer. Not known for spreading into humans, but prion diseases are freaky.

  7. Most Asians in the US came from China, Japan, etc, so East Asains became the "default Asians".

  8. First he destroyed Garou in zero punches, next he destroyed Fubuki with 0 punches.

  9. The cooking is really heating up some food I've meal prepped.

  10. It's what you had until you played LSU and Bama this year.

  11. I don't care for Tyranitar in PVP, but it's decent enough in raids. Not top tier, but solid enough especially for newer players.

  12. Are we counting the new additions to the B12 as P5 yet? Because them.

  13. Because no one could handle the glory of the Kibbie Dome and we needed to counteract the abomination that is Holt Arena.

  14. Actually the existence of a bigger fish does not imply that there is an infinitely big fish. There are several examples of infinite, strictly increasing sequences that are nevertheless bounded.

  15. Most of these are straight upgrades in combat power. Biggest question is Fate versus Strange since I haven't seen Black Adam. Hawkeye and Black Widow may be more adapt at doing spy stuff too, but that doesn't really come into play in the movies you selected.

  16. I have an empoleon and poliwrath that i could maybe get up to a decent cp. would those work ? I also have zekrom with fusion bolt, but will the dragon quick move make it not viable?

  17. Empoleon would be decent, especially with Hydro Cannon.

  18. Sorry, I'm out of the loop. I know he accidentally shot a woman on set, but why is everyone hating on him and blaming him. Isn't it the prop guys fault?

  19. My understanding is Alex Baldwin had two roles in this: actor and producer.

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