1. so humble 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. The only things he's even known for now is riding the ghost of Hitler's dick

  3. unfortunately as of recently yeah. the fact he’s such a good & influential artist makes the whole situation even more disappointing. hope he gets the help he so desperately needs

  4. I don’t give a shit about Logan Paul or KSI but my daughter wanted a prime once and so I got one too just out of curiosity and the blue and green flavors are actually really fucking good

  5. exactly lol most of the people saying it’s bad haven’t even tried it

  6. mostly cus i don't wanna spend £2 on something i don't know i like when i can literally go and get a different energy drink for 49p.

  7. im talking about the taste. i think it tastes good. most people who actually tried it would agree especially considering how much sugar is in it

  8. he clearly doesn’t want to be recorded & they’re forcing it

  9. none of his projects are better than kiss land

  10. She my best friend yea we not a couple

  11. I miss the days when pranks were harmless fun between people you knew, these new "pranks" just seem to be just how to be the biggest asshole contests and it's honestly sad.

  12. yeah a lot of these newer pranksters just be antagonizing people which is really annoying to see

  13. that’s the same dude who “pranked” a starbucks worker by pretending to jerk off in front of her. actual terrible human being

  14. I forgot about Pink Floyd. Even willing to overlook the shade thrown at Abel from them

  15. fuckkk i was wondering for a while if they’d remove it

  16. 22, a million is my favorite album all time right behind blond

  17. Same, god we had it good there in 2016, two all timers out a month apart

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