[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. In this sub? You won’t find too many since 2016

  2. There was that TradCath weirdo Schleinga or whatever his fucking name was who kept getting platformed and stickied by the mods for years until he finally got banned cause his transphobia got too apparent. This sub's mods at the time were desperate for conservative viewpoints and liked him because he could wax poetic for 4 pages and not say anything. (Comes with being a philosophy PhD candidate I guess.)

  3. That ended more than 4 years ago, the mod team has shifted left socially since then

  4. I know, but he said since 2016. Neoliberal had a heavy Dirtbag Centrist phase mostly driven by a few mods until 2018-2019. I've been lurking since Neoliberal was one of the few safe places on Reddit for HRC supporters in the Primaries.

  5. Something was bothering me about this article, so I read it again. The reporter seems intent on having the reader see the issue their way and the article has a tendency to answer a lot of its own questions, but poses the questions in a way as to imply it's primarily another reason. It's a general trend I'm seeing more in news media, and it gets dangerously close to Gonzo Journalism despite the assumption of impartiality.

  6. I find it very annoying that car manufacturers seem exclusively geared towards the market segment where "fun" is a major criteria. I dont want fun, I want to be able to take care of tasks where driving is the only practical mode of transit. Imagine how insane it would be if computers were exclusively geared towards gamers and there was no market for PCs and laptops sold to people who use them for work and looking at websites. In Europe they at least have a few electric city cars on the market but you are still looking at $30k for a Fiat 500 EV. It's like they were selling computer rigs with RTX 7900s graphics cards and 30 inch monitors to people who just want to make spreadsheets.

  7. OMG, just fuck buy the Chevy Bolt already. The tension is palpable.

  8. The Chevy Bolt with Federal tax credits is slightly under $20,000 MSRP and is 163" long. I believe the BYD Dolphin is the brand's smallest car and the extended range is around $19,000 and is 160" long.

  9. Yeah, but the absence of any range numbers is weird.

  10. It has a 17.8 kWh battery, so probably safe to assume a 20-30 Mile all-electric range.


  12. The source is from 2009 but assuming they've mostly stayed the same, those salaries are extremely low. First year attorneys in Big Law often make more than those people. The comp package for entry level jobs in Big Tech also equal that pay.

  13. It's like a cross between Germany spending money on a useless African empire and North Korea alienating the world with petty organized crime.

  14. Russia is getting a lot of mineral and other natural resource contracts out of it

  15. Mostly small gold mines probably in exchange for weapons and mercenaries. Actual above the board trade is less than $16 Billion a year.

  16. There's weird threads online full of people concern trolling about how this one photo they found of a single Ukrainian tank with a German cross on it makes Ukraine look bad and is seriously undermining their image in the west guys!!!

  17. They should never select Pete Buttigieg as the designated survivor otherwise one of you freaks would try to acquire a small thermonuclear device.

  18. How much do you want to bet people upvoting this are misreading thinking that larger numbers are better?

  19. If those Neocons could read basic statistics, they would be quite angry with me.

  20. Wouldn't it make more sense to just use the HDI instead of the HDI ranking? A worsening HDI ranking could still mean that Iraq has improved, but other countries have improved more rapidly.

  21. No, because rankings take into account of how the country is doing relative to the rest of the world. If other countries with almost non-existent institutions and crippling poverty have raced ahead of a country that was a lower middle-income nation previously and into which the US poured trillions of dollars, I don't know how to grade that effort with anything other than a big fat F.

  22. This ain't like the old days, UFC can't monopolize promotion anymore. I don't see him fading anywhere with social media being such a big part of the fight game now.

  23. Republicans are once again threatening to blow up the world economy by defaulting on our debt payments if they don't get their demands met, by using the debt ceiling. If we reach the debt ceiling, the federal government will be unable to meet its financial obligations and we will cease making payments on treasury instruments, causing a progressively accelerating mass sell off, the loss of good borrowing terms for the Treasury, probably a flight away from US currency, all sorts of nasty things.

  24. Shaking global confidence in the US and making most of the world consider hedging their bets mainly by keeping a foot in China's orbit. All this in order to own the libs because even the Republicans can't actually decide on what they want with the debt ceiling negotiations.

  25. Very cool how these important cases always happen to get put in front of Trump judges.

  26. Groups go judge hunting for the decision they want. Everyone knows where the Trump rich District and Appeals Courts are.

  27. Matt Gaetz called people who use food stamps, “couch potatoes.”

  28. Coming from a Nepo Baby who has never wanted for anything.

  29. There's some saying about how Che got out of the Revolution at the right time because it was easier to wage war than it was to get the trains to run on time.

  30. Original Star Wars Expanded Universe was the best. Members of the Rebel Alliance secretly wishing they were doing suicidal assaults on Imperial facilities again instead of actually administering a hugely complicated galaxy by slow-moving consensus and not by force, and being unable to keep multiple crises from boiling over.

  31. Potential hot take given the audience for this post, but it was honestly a great way to weed out the crazies and morons in city government.

  32. I've got a lady friend that's dating through apps and it's just one horror show after another. The best result she's had turned into a fucking Carrie Underwood song.

  33. Dating apps have got to be optimized to direct the worst partners to people in order to generate drama and hopefully more activity on the apps. Like their worst nightmare gotta be two likeminded people finding each other quickly and leaving the apps.

  34. Austria is suspiciously spared by online animosity given how close they are to Russia

  35. I remember getting denied for what was essentially a budget analyst position due to lack of relevant experience. I literally did high level budget work for one of the largest Federal agencies and directly submitted my work to executives. I e-mailed the HR person and told her to look at the specific experience on my resume detailing it. She admitted they were wrong and said they would change my status, but I don't think it ever changed and I never got an interview. I swear to God, these HR people just look at job titles and because my job wasn't budget analyst on paper, I was disqualified.


  37. Energy Central is a no name glorified energy blog. Meanwhile both Lazard and Bloomberg are both highly credible and respected in their fields and their research informs investors, not the other way round.

  38. When I first discovered the longevity space around 4-5 years ago, hardly any of the major pharmaceutical companies or top hospital labs were investing into this space (and if they were, they were being quite secretive about it and classifying it as something else, since it was considered too fringe a topic.) Nowadays, you've seen a complete 180 and serious financial and research firepower is going into it. I'm quite optimistic we'll be seeing some major breakthroughs in this field in the next decade or so.

  39. One overlooked casualty of China's Zero Covid policy was the displacement of local government investment in education and social services by an extreme Covid testing and tracking scheme. Beijing had apparently pushed nearly all the costs of implementing Zero Covid onto local governments, and paying for a small army of pandemic workers, PPE, hundreds of millions of Covid tests every month, and extensive quarantine centers was enough to put most of them on the verge of insolvency, especially with lower proceeds from land sales to developers. Most provinces responded by cutting spending on everything else to the bone, including education and the social safety net, which basically undid a nearly decade long movement to improve those things at the local level.

  40. To better meet Americans with their understanding of vocabulary, Puberty Blockers will now be called Puberty Timeout Drugs. That way, people understand it's not a permanent change on children, just a timeout until they're ready to proceed down one path.

  41. Its astonishing to see the amount of contempt this sub has towards an old guy who just wants universal healthcare

  42. The Democratic Party is filled with old people who support universal healthcare, but only one of them is held in contempt by this sub. I don't think it's the universal healthcare part that's the dealbreaker here.

  43. That's what Bernie tried doing two Primaries in a row, so maybe he should have been copying Buttigieg's notes.

  44. Giving Din Thomas a run for his money in terms of 0 IQ fighter pay takes. The mental gymnastics required to get around the obvious solution of “a union or the government is gonna have to force the ufc to actually pay their fighters decent money” (which the ufc can afford to do) is pretty wild