1. The famous anus cake. Hands in and clap on five.

  2. They had their entire lives to figure it out in a generation where it was infinitely easier to get ahead. Every case will be unique and have its own merits or lack thereof, you dont know everyone's life story, but at a high level and speaking generally, I couldn't give two hoots about a struggling boomer...

  3. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to your parents bro

  4. Bracelet must be very tight lots of bruising 😳

  5. Pack your bags now. There is life outside Alberta my man.

  6. Excuse me sir you left your watch strapped to a Haggis

  7. The bezel insert is dark blue or black ? It’s a beauty

  8. In the 1950's and 1960's, Omega was considered a better brand than Rolex and generally the "best" high end watch a normal person could get - people weren't buying Patek and stuff unless they were extremely wealthy "old-money" types or big business owners.

  9. Those were some of the great years. I miss old Auddie

  10. Franck Muller is made for rich old guys whose wives dress them exclusively in pastels with lavender suede driving shoes. You know the type that wear like tight orange pants with a tucked in floral pattern shirt with another floral pattern on the inside of the shirt cuff which they roll to show off, then a pink cashmere sweater tied around their neck.

  11. What shade of lip stick is that really makes his teeth pop

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