Routine Arrest In Chicago Goes South Real Quick

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  1. Your absolutely correct. Amazon stock has been falling all year.

  2. Amazon is counting on you to drop your standard. Profit over people

  3. That shit happens all the time. Are you all newbies

  4. After a month era of flex I bet your gonna want to put a different sticker on there. Good luck

  5. Looks like a seedling with normal smaller growth starting, what’s the problem?

  6. They’re hasn’t been any growth through the top of her . Looks as if the cola is closed off.

  7. Dude it’s seedling, let it grow! There’s nothing wrong with it and you will drive yourself crazy being a helicopter plant parent. You will also kill plants by trying to do too much when you worry like this.

  8. Ya your right, just a new grower. Haven’t seen this befor

  9. I don’t want to be a dick but 22 is base basically.

  10. Yeah, I know that lol I can't get surge pay all the time. And I haven't eaten anything in the last couple days so I'm pretty desperate for work so I can get groceries.

  11. I was getting 25 hr everyday for the last 3 years when gas was 2 something and now I can’t hardly get one at 25( my lowest) and gas is 4.60 where I am. Amazon taking from people that need it the most and they are planning on that.

  12. Happened to me. I wear glasses and they broke . I ordered new ones and in the mean time wore my prescription sunglasses. Yup same email. I now have to take a pic every time I hit arrived at the station.

  13. I would continue what you are doing but if your not using some kind of filtered water you will start to see white deposits on your filter/fan/walls. This could clog up your carbon filter and suffocate your grow space. I have had this happen and it sux ass.

  14. I use purified water at 1.30 a gallon. Any suggestions other than tap. Can I ph tap water to stop that white build up

  15. This will never fly. It’s all about air time. The more the national news reports about him the happier just as trump. All the same . Pitiful

  16. I just have to say the marketing is really poor

  17. I’m stoned right now and that looks delicious

  18. My exact experience same thing. Many emails and finally Jeff called and said I had to make an attempt.

  19. It doesn’t get any better at all. Welcome to the machine

  20. Jesus, 4 hours for $172??? That's like a $72 route for me.

  21. That’s because you take it at 72 smfh

  22. If he waits until the last minute, it might go as high as $88. Maybe. Stop acting as though the surges available in your market can be had anywhere.

  23. I literally wait til the last minute. I watch them go at base all the time. Some people need the money more than other for sure. I just can’t give into Amazon stealing fro people that need that extra cash to make or have a little extra and that’s me.

  24. I have no problem getting surge rates all week every week .

  25. Hello! I added this a a response to OP, but maybe it can help you as well.

  26. I m a noob and I have to ask. Why ph your water before you add nutes and then ph again after the nutes. Would the result be the same if you eliminate the first ?

  27. That’s what happens when all those blocks go at base. They lower the base and they will still go at that lower base

  28. I pick up 5:00 and later routes all the time and at least twice a week I get those by 3 & 4

  29. Happens quite often in Michigan. I always drive around and yes sometimes it’s an extra 10 mins.

  30. Shoot , you’ve just been lucky. I quit doing 3 hr because they have been over 80 miles and up to 120 miles. . You know that dreaded cart with 10-14 packages.

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