1. My tolerance is way too high so I really don't get that high and I go through about four grams a day between me and my friends

  2. Okay sorry it took so fuckin long. I hope u able to access it. 😜

  3. I don't think it's gonna work. Message me your snap. I'll send it through there.

  4. I been doing this hella years. I got u.! I can see my dirty dishes hella fast. Anything you're going to clean you need to rinse out first. Then hit it with a torch. It's literally done in like 3 minutes. I'll make you a tutorial video.

  5. If you gonna TRY to come for me you better at least be A 5. . N not leave me any room to clock yo ass mamas. And since you an easy read I'm going to refrain from clocking yo shit. Jealousy is an ugly look. I'm not saying your jealous but a response to this message, answers that clearly. Have a good day.

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