Sinema leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent

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  1. I saw some termie conversions using Primaris marines and its a damn tempting project

  2. Would you still run them as plasma or bolter?

  3. I really thought they were about to announce the new condition "poxburster mania" like

  4. Reminds me of a wipe I had, I got trapped, rescuer took to long to get to me and the trapper had time to reload and get them as well rest of the team drops the trapper and is working on getting us up when a door opens and out comes TWO more Trappers and gets them.... so there we are all four of us netted on the ground getting whaled on....

  5. and China says "Thanks for all the help, we'll take it from here"

  6. *raises hand* Also taking a break until major updates

  7. I don’t know, when I was leveling my Psyker by brain burst got interrupted more times then I would have liked. Anything for a hound, trapper, mutant to suddenly finding myself standing in fire to simply being beat on by 3 mooks that just came up from behind.

  8. any news on when they will be rolling out the next patch?

  9. Ogryn should in my opinion, be immune to dogs. They should get pushed over, stunned for a bit, but then push the dog off. It looks utterly ridiculous seeing an Ogryn pinned by one of those tiny dogs. Especially given the insane levels of strength Ogryn are supposed to have.

  10. They should at least have the option of pushing them off or fighting free of a trappers net

  11. Although I tend to play in Malice which doesn't require much coordination.

  12. Was about to jump down when a trapper caught me. Team kills trapper but I am still stuck... anything you can do besides quit mission?

  13. What I hate are the ppl that just leave the prison garb on. Riding down on the shuttle, are they a bot, are they low level trying to get carried or are they an actual good player that just doesn't care.

  14. Honestly depends on your melee. I run a bolter if I'm using a power maul because that handles all the cc, but if I'm running a hammer or eviscerator I use a flamethrower

  15. That's what worked/felt best after some games last night (power maul/bolter) only on Malice though. I still haven't any luck getting a revolver to test yet.

  16. Huh, I've never tried to pistol... I'll give it a *shot*

  17. So I know we can body block shots from our own team. But does this hold true for the enemy?

  18. I'm a bit late here. My apologies. I've made the no soak pinto beans. Personally, I didn't care for them. If that was the best that IP could do, I'd soak, then use a range top PC or a Crock Pot

  19. Thanks for the reply, late or otherwise. And yeah I was not impressed with the no soak method myself.

  20. I was just trying to win a steam deck....

  21. "Damn, what a gullible breed..."

  22. It needs some work but I got 60 hours out of it and only now am I starting to feel some of the flaws and repetition showing. So if that's worth it for you go for it.

  23. Yeah I picked it up last weekend and have been bouncing between classes so haven't seen much of the harder difficulties but I am getting tired of doing the same rank 1 maps so I need to confirm on and stick with it for awhile

  24. I thought he said he was glad his Twitter ban had been lifted but didn't see himself returning to the platform..... Are you trying to tell me Trump... LIED!?!

  25. Wake me up when someone finds the spine to actually charge him something otherwise I'm going back to bed.

  26. I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you....

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