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  1. Saltwater grill south Portland. Easy to get in and out and park as well

  2. Flash dry in microwave sandwiched between paper towels. Doesn’t work well for leafy shit but great for rosemary thyme etc

  3. You do not have my Permission to repost my google search history sir

  4. Keep your ass busy, your head tends to follow along. Watch out for boredom, hunger, and loneliness as those are big triggers. Give your crew you used to party with some space and see if any of them are real friends before putting your sobriety at risk. You are a goalie and your headspace is the goal, protect that shit! And ask for help just like this!

  5. Get a cheap camera, I’ve got a decade plus old canon rebel and it’s a fun excuse to go drive somewhere and it’s an easy way to turn your night into a fun collaborative art project. Then you get to enjoy looking when you get home to see what you captured.

  6. Realize that literally everyone is a crippling ball of insecurity wrapped in imposter syndrome. If everyone is self absorbed and faking it, do you really think they are paying attention to you?

  7. Not a chef or vegan. Looks amazing. Definitely would eat it. Someone mentioned adding crunch would definitely. I wouldn't be disappointed if I ordered this at a restaurant.

  8. I’m still asleep and all I thought was damn this bagel looks jacked up

  9. Took me better part of a year to stabilize mood and brain chemistry. Still have bad days but the pendulum swinging wildly chills out. Just keep on doing what you are doing and try to find joy where you can. The #recoveryposse hashtag is a cool way to connect with sober people on other platforms as well

  10. Go get a tattoo! Paint a wall in your house. Climb a mountain. Drink an entire pot of coffee and clean your house madly blasting fun music. Throw Molotov cocktails at fascists.

  11. Nah you can't buy people anymore. Wait I actually think that's still happening

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