1. When spike gets older he discovers some special green gems I see.

  2. This one isn't illustrated besides the front and back covers.

  3. I remember when I was only allowed to play single player games, as we didn't have internet when I was a kid. More people should do that with their kids.

  4. I agree entirely, I only got to play multiplayer games at like 10 and I remember it still being too early for me.

  5. I remember playing overwatch when it was THE game to play. Met one of the "I play genji so I'm better than you" types and I was also overall just WAY more aggressive. I still look back on those days in utter shame and disgust. So unless the kids that behave in this manner join some sort of hate group (which seriously joining a group just to hate something is bad for your mental health) then when they get older they'll cringe at how they used to be.

  6. Reminds me of that MLP amnesia map. Man those were the days. When everyone played the beta forms of fan content that this group made.

  7. Sorry I don’t know much about the MLP fandom so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  8. Oh? You're posting this here in your freinds behalf?

  9. Her synthetic leg always stuck out to me, it's just so unique.

  10. I got told that the old design was power saving/recharge mode. Guess that was wrong.

  11. I thought the same, a lot of my friends and I over heard the thought and believed in it.

  12. I mean doesn't it make sense? She breaks free of her curse is full of all sorts of evil magics, the mane six blast all that away revealing her form. Next time we see her she's much like her sister.

  13. There are many different versions and takes on the concept. Like a great many things here, there are few hard, canonical boundaries.

  14. Lycan is kinda the short term for werewolf. Like you don't refer to your neighbors dog as a Golden Retriever at all times. Just say dog. See what I mean?

  15. Love the shading. The colors are super nice too. I forget what color that is, but she reminds me of a cake that I saw which was that color.

  16. This art piece focuses on a mare named Moondancer. Moondancer's job is to press buttons on a keyboard that pop up on the computer screen. One day she noticed the office seemed quiter than usual. So she got up out of her chair and began to look around.

  17. Me: just wanting to see some cute art on a product Also me: eyes pop out like a cartoon at seeing the start of this thread

  18. You can just kill them. Used to be the best way to get money in vanilla But in Royal it's better to just crank up the mementos cognition of items and run around collecting crates. Loads of money and crafting resources.

  19. In vanilla? Does that mean people have modded the game?

  20. omg I need Hippogriffs and whatever Capper is so bad

  21. That is the last mare I would trust to fight my legal battles. I'd trust the CMC more.

  22. The fact that you perfectly emulated the sunset in her mane is just amazing.

  23. Thank youuu!! Her mane is my favourite part to draw, I think it looks like jelly hehe

  24. It kinda does. But also looks like how someone would describe a sunset. The warm colors of the setting sun and the cold colors of the moon clashing together like waves in the ocean.

  25. issue that happens when the game runs at a high framerate. Change your fps cap in the settings, I believe you can go up to 120fps before the bug starts to happen.

  26. Oh. Like running in fallout 76. It's interesting and werid how bugs happen just because of frame rate.

  27. Some game events depends on the current frame rate. If the events are programmed with 30 fps in mind, adding more frames can do some messes in the code.

  28. Yeah I actually was playing an older game through an emulator and I noticed it was at 30fps. I thought that was werid so I upped it to 60 and that was a terrible idea.

  29. I genuinely think our best bet is the deal of Activision blizzard getting bought by Xbox. The guy behind it mentioned making games for franchises that haven't gotten games in years. So here's hoping.

  30. Granny Smith is actually the most powerful mare in MLP lore.

  31. Hi, Pony here, long time reader and commenter. First time reader, of this.

  32. Mhm! Every culture has some story of the moon or a moon goddess. Most cultures have moon goddess and not gods as the moon is seen as more feminine. The only culture that I know with a moon god is the Aztecs, who I think also doubles as the god of jaguars. Unless I'm getting things mixed up with someone else.

  33. Because silver or being something you can actually look at compared to the sun, something I dunno why.

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