[Rapoport] A new QB in Carolina: The #Panthers are acquiring former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield from the #Browns for a 2024 conditional 5th-round draft pick, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. Deal is pending a physical. All parties split the financials to make it happen.

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  1. It’s a V6, sounds about right to me. But as long as your happy that’s all that matters.

  2. Seems I have a different perspective.

  3. Very well written. Thanks for your perspective, I hope more people see this. We need more like you!

  4. What are your qualifications? Do you have any experience in the industry?

  5. I think that might be it.. doesn’t make sense as to why they’d leave it, but I think you’re right!

  6. Like if he’s suggesting he can’t tip you because of inflation….. then why are they going out to eat at all? Stay the fuck home if you can’t afford the ticket + tip

  7. It was actually two women in their early 60’s(?) they seemed pretty well off and when I picked up the check she literally handed it to me and said “here babes” SO WEIRD!

  8. They should also get a comp pick in 2024 which should be higher than the conditional 5th they gave up, assuming they move on from him.

  9. This is without a doubt a prove it season for Baker, for another team. Could be Carolina, could be somewhere else. Regardless he’s got a lot riding on this. Cleveland week one too? Sheeeeeeeesh

  10. The world is probably here. I think we talk so much about perceiving the same color or taste because it's much more concrete to perceive the same shape. Or to all perceive gravity in a consistent way. Those we can all pretty much agree on. It would make just as much sense to extrapolate that everything else is consistent and we're moving within a framework.

  11. And again my friend you have put into words thoughts I’ve had for awhile. Another conversation on perspective!

  12. Alright imma roll another joint, read that back and I’ll get back to you

  13. This guy is on another level homie (in a good way). Roll up 2 of them thangs and then read it lol

  14. I’d have to agree. I’ve always wondered how many people have noticed things like this too.

  15. That is a really good thing to hear. I think loud music is the eternal dilemma. I once considered offering cash to anyone not in a cramped residential area to let me blast my music in their house for a few hours. :-)

  16. Which I wouldn’t recommend. However, it’s almost a curse to be so aware. You eluded to that too.

  17. Taking way to long to release on crunchy roll

  18. Man shit I never cared either, let the man eat. He finna ball regardless. Little extra weight can’t hurt a POWER BACK

  19. Yup. Dudes like him have no problem dropping weight in a month in the Tampa heat. Never was a concern tbh.

  20. Hilarious it was a story, Lenny is that duuuuuude

  21. I’ve always thought about this. The potential of reincarnation has always been an interesting idea and just as possible as anything else.

  22. Playmaking like this is why I wish he’d just fuck off to the AFC or at least a non contending NFC team so I could pull for him.

  23. He has an amazing social media presence with TikTok/Instagram channels where he performs a variety of impressive trick shots.

  24. I haven’t seen much on him personally but that’s good news. I hope he can work his way to being a valuable piece in the secondary this year.

  25. Considering how important it is to have depth at that position, we need him to fit in fast. Based on our coaching staff at DB I have all the faith in the world.

  26. POS player, POS human & dirty POS team.

  27. Another ring would be great but he’s been snubbed on All-Pros his whole career, which is a big metric for success for some folks. A single 2nd team All Pro is not sexy relative to Brooks’ 5x 1st team, 4x 2nd team, 11x Pro Bowl (7 more than Mike), and DPOY.

  28. I agree with all of your assessments here, those are all the right answers in my opinion.

  29. Do you think the frustration with Donovan Smith stemmed from the reasons you were frustrated with Winston?

  30. Easier to say that now for sure. Perhaps effort wasn’t there if he didn’t believe in the QB. Thank goodness he’s played better though I ain’t mad

  31. Full clip: I had been saying it since 2016. Having an unpredictable/unreliable QB makes it hell on a lineman. Especially, a tackle.

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