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  1. The gundam equip sound was god teir.


  3. And for you, unfortunate Redditor, the bell tolls.

  4. How to get your daily caloric intake in one, grossly sweet, amalgamation of the classic ice cream sandwich.

  5. Plays like that are what make baseball worth watching.

  6. As a fellow cruiser, we get mad bitches.😎

  7. I feel this energy every time I pick my favorite dome boi.

  8. My brother in Christ, you enabled nsfw content.

  9. As the token gay, I approve of this meme.

  10. I was hoping to see justice delivered by the old man. Maybe in a parallel universe.

  11. “They’re gonna have to bury you in a soup can!”

  12. Me and my trans fiancé have talked deeply about this conversation. Every time we have drawn the same conclusion. Now unfortunately it’s hard to pick an age on transitioning.

  13. I’m so ashamed I know half of these pleasure sculptures.

  14. It's a motorcycle or some other vehicle that can fit in that trailer.

  15. A likely explanation. Probably just someone who doesn’t want their mobile shop to get smashed by an idiot driver.

  16. It's a joke not a warning. If someone was actually carrying an uncurable disease it would need a DOT placard for infectious substance, not some letters someone placed on a trailer with a Yamaha sticker in the bottom right.

  17. Then you have the big ass dedicated pasta bowl in the fridge. Leftovers for the week.

  18. As a owner of a pt cruiser. This does not surprise me.

  19. I came here to find this post. I have never ever seen such a good representation of lgbt in any media EVER. the only mention of any homosexuality/pride was during the piano scene. The rest was just two lovers living out their life’s as lovers. Caring and bantering to each other, it was as real of a representation of gay love you could experience through a screen, with no agenda. Love!

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